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Selected papers published by members of the Composable Systems Group are listed below. Each of the headings leads to a more complete listing of Composable Systems Group papers on the topic.

Copyright notice: These papers are provided only for non-commercial, copyright standard "fair-use" (e.g. scholarly critique). Copyrights for papers that have been published elsewhere reside with their publisher. Such papers appear here subject to the publisher's copyright agreements. Copyrights for unpublished work reside with the authors and/or Carnegie Mellon University. Please help us in our efforts to uphold copyright law while making scholarly work available for public consumption.

Software Architecture

Mary Shaw
"The Coming-of-Age of Software Architecture Research"

Mary Shaw and David Garlan
"Software Architecture: Perspectives on an Emerging Discipline"

David Garlan and Mary Shaw
"An Introduction to Software Architecture"

David Garlan, Robert J. Allen, and John Ockerbloom
"Exploiting Style in Architectural Design Environments"

Formal Methods

Edmund M. Clarke and Jeannette M. Wing
"Formal Methods: State of the Art and Future Directions"

Daniel Jackon and Jeannette Wing
"Lightweight Formal Methods"

Daniel Jackson
"Structuring Z Specifications with Views"

Robert J. Allen and David Garlan
"Formalizing Architectural Connection"

Gregory Abowd, Robert Allen and David Garlan
"Using Style to Understand Descriptions of Software Architecture"

Robert J. Allen, David Garlan, and James Ivers
"Formal Modeling and Analysis of Component Integration Frameworks".

Design and Code Analysis

Darrell Kindred and Jeannette M. Wing
"Fast, Automatic Checking of Security Protocols"

Nevin Heintze, Doug Tygar, Jeannette Wing, and Hao-Chi Wong
"Model Checking Electronic Commerce Protocols"

Jeannette M.Wing and M.Vaziri-Farahani
"A Case Study in Model Checking Software Systems"

Daniel Jackson and Craig Damon
"Elements of Style: Analyzing a Software Design Feature with a Counterexample Detector"

Daniel Jackson and Somesh Jha
"Faster Checking of Software Specifications By Eliminating Isomorphs"


Barbara H. Liskov and Jeannette M. Wing
"A Behavioral Notion of Subtyping"

Amy Moormann Zaremski and Jeannette M. Wing
"Specification Matching Software Components"

David Garlan, Robert J. Allen and John Ockerbloom
"Architectural Mismatch, or, Why it's hard to build systems out of existing parts"


Jeannette M.Wing
"Teaching Mathematics to Software Engineers"

David Garlan
"Integrating Formal Methods into a Professional Master of Software Engineering Program"

David Garlan, James E.Tomayko, and David Gluch
"Agents of Change: Educating Future Leaders in Software Engineering"

David Garlan, Mary Shaw, Chris Okasaki, Curtis Scott, and Roy Swonger
"Experience with a Course on Architectures for Software Systems"

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