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Papers published in: 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 and earlier


Mary Shaw
"Software Engineering Education: A Roadmap"
In A. Finkelstein (Ed.), The Future of Software Engineering. ACM Press, 2000.


Shawn A. Butler
"A Client/Server Case Study for Software Engineering Students"
Proceedings of the 12th Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training, March 1999.


Mary Shaw
"What Adults Should Know about Information Technology and How They Should Learn It".
Position paper for NRC Workshop on Information Technology Literacy, January 1998.


D. Garlan, J. Tomayko, and D. Gluch
"Agents of Change: Educating Future Leaders in Software Engineering"
IEEE Computer, November, 1997.


C. Hoover, N. Mead, and M. Shaw
"The CMU Master of Software Engineering Specialization Tracks" (abstract only)
Proceedings of the Ninth Conference on Software Engineering Education, 1996.


D. Garlan, G. Abowd, D. Jackson, J. Tomayko, and J.M. Wing
"The CMU Master of Software Engineering Core Curriculum"
Proceedings of the Eighth SEI Conference on Software Engineering Education, 1995.


David Garlan, Mary Shaw, and Jose Galmes
"Experience with a Course on Architectures for Software Systems, Part II: Education Materials"
Technical Report CMU-CS-94-178.

D. Garlan
"Integrating Formal Methods into a Professional Master of Software Engineering Program
Proceedings of the Eighth Z Users Meeting, June 1994.

Mary Shaw
"The General and the Turkey: A Participatory Introduction to Large-Scale Software" (abstract only)
Position paper for ICSE-16 Workshop on Software Engineering Education, 1994.

1993 or earlier

M. Shaw
"We Can Teach Software Better"
Computing Research News, 4(4),1992, pp. 2-4, 12. Reprinted in Journal of Computer Science Education, 7(3), 1993, 4-7.

J.M. Wing
"Teaching Mathematics to Software Engineers"
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology, 1995, pp. 18-40.

D. Garlan, M. Shaw, C. Okasaki, C. Scott, and R. Swonger
"Experience with a Course on Architectures for Software Systems"

M. Shaw (Ed.)
"The Carnegie-Mellon Curriculum for Undergraduate Computer Science."
Springer-Verlag, 1985, 198 pp. (Final report of Curriculum Design Group: S.D. Brookes, M. Donner, J. Driscoll, M. Mauldin, R. Pausch, W.L. Scherlis, M. Shaw, and A.Z. Spector.)

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