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STARSIM: Thinking Machines' *Lisp Simulator

STARSIM simulates *Lisp (StarLisp), a parallel implementation of Lisp for the Connection Machine.

Version: F19.0 Ports: Lucid CL, Allegro CL, MCL, AKCL, Ibuki CL, Symbolics CL, Vaxlisp CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: and Author(s): J.P. Massar Contact: Thinking Machines Corporation Customer Support 245 First Street Cambridge, MA 02142-1264 Tel: 617-876-1111 E-mail: Keywords: *Lisp Simulator, Authors!Massar, Lisp!Implementations, Parallel Lisp, Programming Languages!*Lisp, StarLisp, StarSim, Thinking Machines References: Some documentation is included in the distribution. A copy of Getting Started in *Lisp, the *Lisp Reference Manual, and the *Lisp Dictionary is available from Thinking Machines for $100.
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