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Online Journals

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Northwest Artificial Intelligence Forum (NAIF) Journal

Neural Processing Letters

Neural Information Processing Systems

Machine Learning Journal

Journal Home Pages

Computational Intelligence
Includes table of contents and article information for all articles published since the journal began publication in 1984.

IEEE Expert
Includes a searchable/browsable index of abstracts. A gopher is also available.

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

International Journal of Applied Expert Systems

Expert Systems
The International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Neural Networks

AI Journals from Kluwer Academic Publishers

Journal of Intelligent Systems


AI Magazine

Online Books

Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition (HTML Version)
Maintained by Mark Kantrowitz <>

Scheme Standard (R4RS) (HTML Version)
Revised(4) Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme
Maintained by Aubrey Jaffer <>


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