CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository

Mailing Lists

The mailing lists are as follows: AI-Jobs Announcements of AI job opportunities Lisp-Jobs Announcements of Lisp job opportunities Prolog-Jobs Announcements of Prolog job opportunities AI-Postdoc Announcements of AI-related post-doctoral fellowships AI-Predoc Announcements of AI-related pre-doctoral fellowships

To Subscribe

To subscribe, send a message to with
   subscribe listname your-name, your-affiliation
in the message body and no Subject line. Replace listname with the name of the list, your-name with your first and last name, and your-affiliation with your current affiliation (optional). For example, to subscribe to the AI-Jobs list I would include the line
   subscribe ai-jobs Mark Kantrowitz, Carnegie Mellon Univ.

If your mailer objects to the "+", send subscription requests to "ai+query", job announcements to "ai+ai-jobs", etc.

Please do not send subscription requests to the lists themselves. Although there is a filter on the list that catches most non-job postings, these get kicked out for me to deal with manually.

As a matter of policy, the contents of the mailing lists are considered confidential and will not be disclosed to anybody.


Material appropriate for the lists includes job announcements and should be sent to, replacing listname with the name of the list. For example, to submit a job posting to the AI-Jobs list, send it to Resumes should NOT be sent to the list.

Job Posting Archives

Job postings sent to the list are automatically archived in appropriate subdirectories of

Other Questions

For help on using the query server, send mail to with
in the message body and no Subject line.

If you have any other questions, please send them to

We would appreciate hearing from anybody who receives a job that they first heard about through one of these lists.