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CNS: Neural Networks Materials from the Central Neural Systems BBS

This directory contains neural networks materials from the Central Neural Systems BBS. We've deleted some obsolete files, files which are duplicated elsewhere in the AI Repository, and files whose copyright restrictions prevent their inclusion in this repository. We intend to eventually merge these files into the rest of the repository, complete with 0.doc index files. For now, however, this single 0.doc file will have to do. See the index.txt file for an index to the contents of this directory.
Origin: []
   (CNS mirror site.)
   CNS is a free access system -- the user is not required
   to pay any fees for access.  CNS can be reached using
   eight data bits, one stop bit, and no parity at BPS
   rates from 9600 HST down to 300 BPS.  The CNS phone
   number is 509-627-6CNS (or 509-627-6267 for
   international callers), and the system is available
   23 hours a day (mail only from 5AM to 6AM Pacific time),
   seven days a week.  CNS is FidoNet node 1:347/303, and
   accepts File Requests from a variety of front-end mail
   packages, such as BinkleyTerm and FrontDoor.

CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Contact: Wesley R. Elsberry (CNS SysOp) or Sysop, Central Neural System BBS P.O. Box 1187 Richland, WA 99352 Tel: 509-375-6421, 509-627-3947 Dr. Seiichi Nomura (CNS Mirror Admin) Keywords: CNS BBS, Central Neural Systems BBS, Connectionist Systems, Neural Networks, Neural Systems References: ?
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