Introduction to Parallel Computer Architecture

CS 15-840(A), Fall 1994

MWF 2:30-3:20 WeH 5304


Adam Beguelin
Office: Wean 8021
Phone: 268-5295
Bruce Maggs
Office: Wean 4123
Phone: 268-7654

Course Description

This course covers both theoretical and pragmatic issues related to parallel computer architecture. We will study existing parallel architectures such as the Cray T3D, C90, and Intel Paragon and iWarp. Low level mechanisms for programming these systems will be discussed as well. Students will have some hands on experience with existing parallel computers, both to gain experience with the low level programming mechanisms provided by the hardware and to evaluate the architectures. We will also cover theoretical issues of computer architecture and relate that theory to existing machines.


Grading will be based on class participation and homework assignments.

Tentative list of lectures