Dave Yan

Dave Yan was born into the life of a cowboy on a hot August day in Texas many moons ago. He learned to ride a horse at a shocking 8 months old, and was the captain of his middle school's rodeo team. His high school nickname, "that guy with the lasso" was a reference to his superior lassoing abilities, that lead him and his school to the state championships in 2012. Dave blew the other competitors out of the water, as he did all of the things one does with a lasso, much better than anyone else did. After a jaw dropping performance, Dave stood onto of the winners podium, showered in roses and gifts from adoring fans. But in that moment of glory, Dave felt incomplete. As he tipped his cowboy hat, he thought to himself, "If only there was a way to use a computer to recreate this moment, and other moments like this, but in three dimensions.." And that was the moment that Dave Yan knew his destiny was to be an animator.

Zoe Ambinder

The exact date of Zoe Ambinder's birth is not known, because she was first found as an infant, tanning in designer sunglasses on the beach of the Jersey Shore. She quickly became a local celebrity at the age of six after inventing "bedazzling," the act of applying rhinestones to shirts. From that moment on, she was revered as the premier fashion expert of the Jersey shore. After opening her first boutique in fourth grade, Zoe became known as the prophet of Belmare, as fans constantly sought her out for her fashion wisdom. Once, she assisted a young woman by the name of Nicole Polizzi in maximizing the volume of her up-dos. Although Zoe did not think much of it at the time, she later realized this woman went on to be known as Snooki on reality television. That haunting realization led Zoe to understand that she had to use her powers for good and not evil. "If only there was a way to use my love for visual dazzle in an environment I can control," thought Zoe. And that was the moment that Zoe Ambinder knew her destiny was to be an animator.

Claire Hentschker

Claire Hentschker was born at the hight of Octoberfest in the country of Germany. She was presented with her first pair of Lederhosen almost moments later. Her first food was beer, and her first words were incoherent, due to slurred speech from the beer. As Claire grew up, her love of German food's grew stronger. Trips to the local butcher left her in such awe, that the butcher himself took her on as an apprentice before she had even entered kindergarden. She quickly learned the many ways to prepare traditional german sausage, and became a skilled pork craftsman. People would line up every morning at 3am just for a chance to see her work. Claire grew increasingly frustrated that her beautiful creations were being bought and enjoyed by other people, because at the end of the day she had none for herself. "If only there was a way to sculpt and share something beautiful to show to the world, without having to part with it myself" she thought. And that was the moment that Claire Hentschker knew her destiny was to be an animator.

Amy Lee

Amy Lee, a talented dancer, and the inspiration behind the project Words. The whole team wants to give her many thanks for the time she put into this project, both for the motion capture data and for her insight into the mind of a dancer. This video could not have happened without her. No Amy was hurt during the process.