Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science
BH 136A (the Adamson wing), TR 3:00-4:20P

Homework Submission Info

The rules for submitting written homework are as follows:

  • You must hand in a single file in PDF format. See the File Types page for instructions on dealing with PDF files on different platforms. When submitting a homework that has both a written and programming part, submit a PDF file with your written work and another file with your programming work. The name of your file must end with .pdf, else our scripts will not accept them.

  • Copy your file to: /afs/andrew/scs/cs/15251/student/assignmentN/handin/userid
    You have complete read/write/delete permissions in this directory.

  • Remember that if you intend to submit any version of an assignment more than 1 day late, you must let your TA know so that we can grade it properly.

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