Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science
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We now only accept Acrobat PDF files for homework submissions. Whatever method you use to create PDFs, please read over yr files before submission to ensure the conversion process has not introduced any errors.

If you are using LaTeX
  • If you are using LaTeX to typeset your solutions, you can get PDF files by using pdflatex.

Conversions on Windows machies
  • Primo PDF seems to be an excellent, easy, and free solution for making documents into PDF files. Once installed, you can use it as you would any printer. (See the PrimoPDF manual for details.) IMPORTANT: When printing, a dialog will pop up asking you where to save the file. At the top of this dialog it asks you to choose a mode: choose Print mode rather than Screen mode for better output.

    We are told that PDFCreator (download) is another good way to convert files to PDF, with many options, but we have not tried this yet. Let us know if you like it. People have also suggested CutePDF as well.

    Oh, yes, there's Adobe Acrobat Distiller as well. It's not free.

  • Web based coverters: Here are some (we haven't tested them, so please let us know if any of these is not a good option). ExpressPDF, gobcl.com, PDFonline, Neevia Document Converter. Also, let us know if there are others you like.

Conversions on Macs
Conversions on Unix/Linux machies
  • Postscript (PS) to Adobe PDF

    On the *nix machines: use ps2pdf. Also, the web site ps2pdf.com accepts PS files and returns PDF files.

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