Information about the Queer Nation

  • cmuOUT.
  • The Queer National Homeland in WebWorld.
  • Queer Resources hypertext database (thanks Darci)
  • NGLTF advice on securing GLB rights against right wing threats.
  • Bisexual Resource List.
  • A genetic algorithm happened to draw this picture over the weekend of Stonewall 25.
  • Writings about sexuality, sex and gender on CMU's "English" server.
    The following are the more obviously queer [1] of its listings:
  • % Gay?
  • 20-20: Transcript
  • Blacklash
  • Cultural elite
  • Gay films
  • Griggers: Lesbian Bodies
  • NGLTF: Hate Crimes
  • Queer Resources
  • Sexual and Gender Identity
  • Society for LesbiGay Philo
  • The first issue of The Directory, the South Bay`s directory of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and supportive businesses is available on the Internet. The Directory is published by the people who bring you OutNOW!, the South Bay's only biweekly newspaper for the lesbian, gay, bisexual community and our friends.
  • Pictures from the 1993 March On Washington.
  • Music.
  • The soc.motss gay centred US film list.
  • A list of queerish videotapes available in Pittsburgh.
  • Relevant books in Hunt Library at CMU.
  • Scott Safier's Collection of related material.
  • National Orgainisation of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals.
  • New Zealand outlawed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, (and a whole lot of other stuff). Here's the story.
    p.s. you can click on the flag.
    1: The excerpting of these entries should not be taken as disagreement with the notion of the connectedness of issues of gender and sexual orientation implicit in the server arrangement.