The Lisa McPherson Clause:

Scientology Moving to Secure Its 'Right' to Kill Again

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Lisa clause or Lisa McPherson clause: an adhesion clause to insulate one party from all damages, including personal injury or death, from known and unknown conduct of commission or omission of the party so released. An "adhesion clause" is a recognized legal term which means "take it or leave it", i.e., that the party signing the agreement has no bargaining power and therefore no alternative but to include the clause in the agreement.

A new Scientology release form has surfaced that gives the cult the right to hold its members in isolation indefinitely, and absolves it of any responsibility for a member's injury or death as a result -- the "Lisa McPherson clause". (Thanks to Scientology PR spokesperson Linda Simmons Hight for confirming the document's authenticity to Fox News.)

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Confidentiality of Files

Scientology has been forced to hand over Lisa McPherson's PC (preclear) folders and other records relating to her counseling and care. (PC folders also played a role in an earlier case involving Lawrence Wollersheim.) Scientology really doesn't like that, although they have no qualms about using the material in these folders to attack or blackmail former members. The release form below is designed to make it harder for an ex-member (or their estate) to obtain access to PC folders even if they are later attacked by and forced to sue the church -- or killed by the church, leaving their estate to sue.

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