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Carnegie Mellon University
Human-Computer Interaction Institute
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Courses Taught:

  • Spring 2007 (mini); Cognitive Crash Dummies. Undergraduate and graduate mini course open to students from any college (see description under the Winter 2007 course at Stanford)
  • Winter 2007 (mini at Stanford Universty); Cognitive Crash Dummies. Undergraduate and graduate mini course open to students from any college (SymbSys246 Cognitive Crash Dummies)
  • Summer 2001, 2002, Spring & Summer 2006; Capstone project for Masters in HCI at CM-West, NASA Ames Research Center, California. Supervised group of masters students building systems to support cognitive modeling at NASA Ames.
  • Fall, 1997, 1998, 2000-2008, Spring 2001: HCI ProSeminar. Masters-level seminar introducing students to leaders in the HCI field.
  • Fall 1997-present: Independent study in HCI at the masters level. Oversees all IS courses supervised by individual faculty in HCII.
  • Spring, 1997, 1999, 2002: Cognitive Modeling for HCI. Graduate and upper-level undergraduate course in the HCI Institute.
  • Fall, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000-2004, 2006-2008, Spring 2001, 2002: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Methods. Masters and upper-level undergraduate course cross-listed in Computer Science, Psychology, and Social and Decision Sciences. Co-taught with other faculty: Sara Kielser, Cleotilde Gonzalez, Ken Koedinger,Chris Neuwirth, Jen Mankoff & John Zimmerman.
  • Spring, 1995: Fundamental Structures of Computer Science. Undergraduate "gateway" computer science course for non-majors who want to go on in such aspects of CS as AI, hardware, robotics, etc.
  • Spring 1994: Comparison of HCI Techniques, graduate course with students from CS, Engineering and Public Policy, English, and Architecture.
  • Fall 1994, 1993, Spring 1993: Human-Computer Interaction, advanced undergrad and graduate course, cross-listed in the departments of Computer Science and Psychology, CMU.
  • Fall 1985: Human Factors, advanced undergraduate course, Psychology, CMU.
  • Fall 1979: Taught installation and maintenance of mini-computer hardware to Bell System technical writers and maintenance personnel.

Guest Lecturer:

  • Software Architecture (required course in Masters of Software Engineering), Spring 2002, 2003.
  • Software Architecture for User Interfaces. Fall 2001, 2002.
  • CS Freshman Immigration Course. Fall 1994, Fall 1995, Fall 1996.
  • Introduction to HCI (department of Social and Decision Sciences). Fall 1995
  • Fundamental Structures of Computer Science. Spring 1994, Fall 1995
  • User Interface Programming. Spring, 1995
  • Introduction to Cognitive Psychology. Spring 1994, Spring 1996.


Doctoral students at CMU:

  • Leonghwee Teo, HCII, committee chair, current student
  • Elspeth Golden, HCII, committee co-chair (with Len Bass, SEI), current student
  • Suresh Bhavnani, Architecture-College of Fine Arts, thesis advisor, graduated Summer 1998
    "How Architects Draw with Computers: A Cognitive Analysis of Real-World CAD Interactions"
  • Erik Altmann, CS Department, committee chair, graduated August 1996
    "Episodic Memory for External Information."
  • Christian Lebiere, CS Department, committee member, graduated 1998
  • Maria Ebling, CS Department, committee member, graduated 1998
  • Minh Tue Vo, CS Department, committee member, graduated 1998
  • Jennifer Kay, CS Department, committee member, graduated 1996
  • Joseph Mertz, Engineering and Public Policy-Carnegie Institute of Technology, committee member, graduated 1995
  • Hermina Tabachneck, Psychology-Humanities an Social Science, committee member, graduated 1993

Doctoral students not at CMU:

  • Niels Ebbe Jacobsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. On-site advisor while he is visiting CMU January 1997-May 1998, graduated 1999.
  • Sherry Koshman, Library and Information Sciences, committe member, graduated 1996
  • Cathleen Wharton, CSD, University of Colorado-Boulder, committe member, graduated 1994

Masters students at CMU, independent study advisor:
Kristina McBlaine, Richard Gunther, Konstantine Prevas, David Crow, Joel Baskin, Santosh Mathan, Matthew Mashyna, Hillary Packard, Edward Liu, Lily Cho, Gabe Kaplan, Adam Overholtzer, Elliot Willams, Matt Guibert, Nick Ferrara.

Undergraduate students at CMU, independent study advisor:
Steven Marks, Pat Rogan, Allison Gallant, Steve Hillenius

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