[2-3] What Scheme-related discussion groups and mailing lists exist?

Before posting to any discussion group, please read the rest
of this FAQ, to make sure your question isn't already answered.

See the Lisp FAQ for a list of Lisp-related discussion groups and
mailing lists. We list here only those newsgroups and mailing lists
directly associated with Scheme.


   comp.lang.scheme        General Scheme-related discussion.
                           This newsgroup is available in digest
                           fromat as part of the Scheme Digest
   comp.lang.scheme.c      Discussion of C-Scheme, a scheme dialect
                           more commonly known as "MIT Scheme".
                           This newsgroup is gatewayed to the
                           info-cscheme@zurich.ai.mit.edu mailing list.
   comp.lang.scheme.scsh   Discussion of Scsh, the ``Scheme Shell'', a UNIX
			   shell/systems programming environment implemented
			   on top of Scheme 48 (a portable, byte-code
			   compiled R4RS Scheme implementation).
			   This newsgroup is gatewayed to the
			   scsh@zurich.ai.mit.edu mailing list.
   comp.lang.lisp.x        Discussion of XLISP, a dialect of Lisp, and XScheme.
   comp.lang.dylan         Discussion of Dylan (see [4-6]), Apple's
                           new Scheme-like programming language. Gatewayed to

We list several mailing lists below. In general, to be added to
a mailing list, send mail to the "-request" version of the address.
This avoids flooding the mailing list with annoying and trivial
administrative requests. [To subscribe to info-mcl, info-dylan, or
other mailing lists based at cambridge.apple.com, send a message to
majordomo@cambridge.apple.com with "subscribe <list_name>" in the
message body. Likewise use "unsubscribe <list_name>" to cancel your
subscription and "help" to get help.]

General Scheme Mailing Lists:

   scheme@mc.lcs.mit.edu           Discussion of Scheme. Gatewayed to
                                   the comp.lang.scheme newsgroup.
   scheme@ai.mit.edu               General discussion about Scheme.

Particular Flavors of Scheme:

   info-cscheme@zurich.ai.mit.edu  C-Scheme. Gatewayed to the
                                   comp.lang.scheme.c newsgroup.

   t-project@cs.yale.edu           T, a dialect of Scheme.

   info-clscheme@mc.lcs.mit.edu    PseudoScheme

   info-dylan@cambridge.apple.com  Dylan (not really scheme, but)

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