[2-2] Commercial Scheme implementations.

Chez Scheme:

   Chez Scheme Version 5 is a high-performance implementation of Scheme
   conforming to the IEEE/ANSI Scheme Standard and the R4RS.  Chez Scheme
   provides an incremental optimizing compiler, complete run-time library,
   generation-based garbage collector, interactive inspector, and C
   interface.  New Version 5 features include improved performance,
   lexical macros, multiple values, shared incremental heaps, guardians
   and weak pairs, and generic ports.  Version 5 is available for Sparc
   SunOS and Solaris, Alpha OSF/1, SGI IRIX 5.X, Motorola mc88000 SVR3/4,
   80386 NeXT Mach, BSDI BSD/386, and Linux.  More information on Chez
   Scheme can be obtained via anomymous ftp from 
   Site license fees start at $9000 ($4500 academic).  We are not able to
   handle personal sales at this time.  For detailed pricing and ordering
   information contact sales@cadence.bloomington.in.us or Kent Dybvig at
   dyb@cs.indiana.edu.  Cadence Research Systems, 3814 Devonshire South,
   Bloomington, IN 47408-9698, USA.  Phone 812-333-9269, fax 812-332-4688.

EdScheme, WinScheme Editor, 3DScheme, "The Schemer's Guide", and 
"The Schemer's Guide to C++":

   Schemers Inc. publishes software and textbooks that promote the
   use and advancement of Scheme in the educational and commercial
   sectors. Their products include:

   +  The WinScheme Editor v2.0. This is a Windows full-featured MDI
      (Multiple Document Interface) editor for Scheme programs. It knows
      about Scheme syntax and contains comprehensive code formatting
      facilities. It provides a channel for sending programs direct to
      Windows-based Scheme interpreters, allowing users to develop, test,
      and edit Scheme code from within the editor. The WinScheme Editor
      also includes a substantial set of context-sensitive online
      documentation for the programming environment and the Scheme
      language.  The WinScheme Editor requires MS Windows 3.1 or later (with
      Win32s), Windows 95 or Windows NT with 2MB RAM and 3MB hard disk space.
      The retail price for the WinScheme Editor is $89.95.

   +  EdScheme for Windows v4.2a. This is an R4RS-compatible Windows-based
      Scheme interpreter. It is seamlessly integrated into the WinScheme
      Editor and provides a fully customizable transcript window that
      journals Scheme sessions and serves as a command window.  EdScheme
      can be customized by specifying a load-path, a start-up file of
      library procedures, and setting its level of Windows multi-tasking
      tolerance. EdScheme for Windows includes a turtle graphics 
      interface, Windows API access for creating windows, dialogs, and
      interacting with the mouse, and an integrated debugging facility.
      EdScheme for Windows is a 32-bit application that requires MS  
      Windows 3.1 or later (with Win32s), Windows 95 or Windows NT with 
      4MB RAM and 4MB of hard disk space.  The retail price for EdScheme 
      for Windows is $129.95. (Note: The WinScheme Editor is integrated 
      into EdScheme and does not need to be ordered separately.)

   +  3DScheme for Windows v1.3. This is a Windows-based R4RS Scheme
      interpreter incorporating over 550 geometrical Scheme primitives that
      access Spatial Technology Inc's ACIS (R) Geometric Modeling Kernel,
      the de facto industry standard in 3D modeling. The 3D modeling
      features include:
        -  construction of solid bodies from blocks, cylinders, cone
           frustums, spheres, and toruses.
        -  construction of wire-bodies from straight, circular,
           elliptical, Bezier, and spline edges.
        -  construction of solids by extruding planar faces or
           profiles along a vector or revolving about an axis.
        -  application of rigid transformations, uniform scaling, and
           boolean operations. 
        -  intersect, trim, fillet, and chain edges.
        -  simultaneous views of solids from several different angles.
        -  dynamically accepted event-driven input for picking,
           rubber banding, or dragging.
        -  rendering of solids using flat or Gouraud technology and
           configurable refinements, materials, texture spaces, and
           render lights. 
        -  saving and loading collections of solid and wire entities
           from disk in .sat format.
        -  outputting rendered images as high resolution bitmaps or
           Postscript files. 
      As with EdScheme for Windows, 3DScheme is seamlessly integrated with
      the WinScheme Editor.  3DScheme also ships with the "Getting Started
      with ACIS 3D Toolkit Using Scheme" book which is described below.  
      3DScheme is a 32-bit application that requires MS Windows 3.1 or 
      later (with Win32s), Windows 95 or Windows NT with 8MB RAM and 16MB 
      of hard disk space.  A 3DScheme demo program is available from the 
      Scheme repository in the "promo" directory or may be requested from 
      Schemers Inc. 3DScheme for Windows retails for $495 (call for academic 
      discount). (Note: The WinScheme Editor is integrated into 3DScheme and 
	does not need to be ordered separately.)

   +  EdScheme for Macintosh v4.0. This is an R4RS-compatible
      Macintosh-based Scheme interpreter.  The programming environment
      takes advantage of the capabilities of the Macintosh computer.  Its
      user interface includes a full-featured integrated editor, with
      special capabilities such as parenthesis-matching, program
      formatting, file indexing, and template editing.  In addition,
      customized transcript and debugging windows featuring colored and
      styled text are provided.  The interpreter features a powerful and
      comprehensive turtle graphics interface, unlimited precision "bignum"
      integral and rational/complex number arithmetic, file handling
      facilities, and language extensions using macros and transformers.
      EdScheme for Macintosh runs from floppy or hard drive and requires a
      Mac Plus or later, System 6.0.4 or better, and 2MB RAM.  EdScheme for
      Macintosh retails for $59.95.

   +  EdScheme for DOS v3.4. This is a DOS-based Scheme interpreter that
      incorporates a large subset of R4RS.  EdScheme for DOS features an
      integrated editor with automatic parenthesis-matching, a turtle
      graphics interface, debugging facility, comprehensive file-handling
      capabilities, macros and more.  It runs from floppy or hard drive and
      requires MS DOS 3.3 or later and 512KB RAM.  EdScheme for DOS retails
      for $49.95.

   + "The Schemer's Guide - Second Edition" by Iain Ferguson with 
     Edward Martin and Burt Kaufman.  Foreword by Daniel Friedman. 
     (1995--346pp.--Paper--ISBN 0-9628745-2-3)
     The Schemer's Guide presents the elements of modern computer programming 
     in an easy-to-follow and entertaining manner.  The book introduces 
     students to the Scheme programming language, guiding them through such 
     concepts as functional programming, recursion, data structures, higher 
     order functions, delayed evaluation, and object-oriented programming.  
     The Schemer's Guide concludes with a significant game-playing project
     involving artificial intelligence. The book strikes a good balance
     between theory and practice, while nurturing good programming
     practices.  The Schemer's Guide has a proven track record of several
     years use in teaching the art of Scheme programming to high school
     students and college undergraduates. A comprehensive teacher's guide
     and an additional set of resource materials including worksheets,
     quizzes, projects, and exams are available to instructors using this
     text.  The retail price of the book is $35.95. (A Spanish
     translation of "The Schemer's Guide" is available.)

   +  "The Schemer's Guide to C++" by Iain Ferguson
      (1996--92 pp.--Paper--ISBN 1-888579-11-0)
      The Schemer's Guide to C++ builds on the solid theoretical foundation
      provided by an increasing number of courses--such as those based on
      the introductory textbook, The Schemer's Guide--that introduce the
      principles of modern computer science via the Scheme language.  From
      this basis it provides students with a fundamental, pratical working
      knowledge of the programming language C++. The author uses his
      experience as a full-time, commercial programming professional to lead
      students step by step from the elegant principles of high level
      programming with which they are already familiar to the nitty-gritty
      of C++, but without ever losing sight of the computer science
      fundamentals that underlie good programming practice.  As in "The
      Schemer's Guide", students quickly learn to write complete,
      non-trivial programs, including the design and implementation of a
      modern container class library.  This unashamedly practical course is
      perfect for students and teachers who seek a clear, direct, fast-track
      path to learning C++.  The retail price of the book is $17.95.

   +  "Getting Started with ACIS 3D Toolkit Using Scheme" by Edward
      Martin.  (1995--260pp.--Paper--ISBN 0-9628745-1-5)
      This Getting Started book includes all you need to know about Scheme, 
      mathematics, and solid modeling to become a skilled 3D modeler using 
      3DScheme or the ACIS 3D Toolkit.  The retail price for the book is 
      $35.95, but is included free with 3DScheme for Windows.

   For more information about these products, write to Schemers Inc.,
   2136 NE 68th Street, Suite 401, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308, call
   954-776-7376, or fax 954-776-6174. You can also send EMail to 

   Schemers' European distributor, Lambda Publications, is reachable by 
   phone at 44-793-695296 or by EMail on 100015.1465@compuserve.com.

Gambit Scheme requires a license for commercial users. See the entry
in [2-1] for details.

Ibuki PC Scheme:

   Ibuki PC Scheme 5.01 is a modern, up-to-date implementation of TI
   PC-Scheme (see [2-1]). Ibuki purchased the rights to TI PC Scheme
   on July 13, 1992. Ibuki PC Scheme runs under DOS on all IBM
   compatible PCs, including 486s, and can use up to 4mb of extended
   memory. It will also run under Windows 3.1. For more information,
   contact IBUKI, 340 Second Street, PO Box 1627, Los Altos, CA 94022,
   phone (415) 961-4996, fax (415) 961-8016, email Richar Weyhrauch
   <rww@ibuki.com>. Ibuki has a special pricing program for schools
   teaching Scheme in courses. 


  Inlab-Scheme is an independent implementation of the algorithmic
  language Scheme as defined by the R4RS and the IEEE Standard
  1178.  In addition to the language core Inlab-Scheme has support
  for bitmap/greymap processing of several kinds. Inlab-Scheme can
  be used as a general tool for image processing, OCR or specialized
  optical object and pattern recognition.

  Inlab-Scheme is distributed at <http://www.munich.net/inlab/scheme>,
  where additional information about the current state of the project,
  supported platforms, current license fees and more is available.


   MacScheme is a Scheme interpreter and compiler for the Apple Macintosh, and
   includes an editor, debugger and object system.  MacScheme costs $125
   (includes compiler) and Scheme Express costs $70 (interpreter only). It
   requires 1mb RAM. A development environment (MacScheme+Toolsmith) costs
   $495. Conforms to the Revised^4 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme.
   MacScheme+Toolsmith includes support for menus, windows, and interfaces to
   the Macintosh Toolbox, and can create small standalone Macintosh
   executables. Implemented by Will Clinger, John Ulrich, Liz Heller and Eric
   Ost.  Write to: Lightship Software, PO Box 1636, Beaverton, OR 97075, or
   call (503) 292-8765. They're moving to California. The temporary phone
   number is 415-940-4008 (Liz Heller). The new phone number will be
   415-694-7799, or fax bug reports to 415-694-7705 or 800-441-5015. 
   MacScheme is distributed by Academic Computing Specialists (ACS),
   2015 East 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84109-2630, 1-800-531-3227
   or 1-800-552-1601 (801-484-3923), fax 801-467-2200. These products
   may also be purchased from Academic Computing Specialists, PO Box
   711, Dewey, AZ 86327, tel 602-632-7176, fax 602-632-7631.
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