[1-10] Publicly Redistributable Scheme Software

   SLIB (Standard Scheme Library) is a portable scheme library that
   provides compatibility and utility functions for many of the
   standard scheme implementations, including Chez, ELK 2.1, GAMBIT,
   MITScheme, scheme->C, Scheme48, T3.1, VSCM and Scm4e. It is available by
   anonymous ftp from 
   Now includes a FAQ file.

   TEST.SCM is an IEEE and R4RS conformance test suite.  It is available

   PSD (Portable Scheme Debugger) is available by anonymous ftp
   from Tampere University of Technology, Finland,
   With PSD, you can run a Scheme program in an Emacs buffer, set
   breakpoints, single step evaluation and access and modify the
   program's variables. It works by instrumenting the original source
   code, so it should run with any R4RS compliant Scheme. It has been
   tested with SCM and Elk 1.5, but should work with other Schemes with a
   minimal amount of porting, if at all. Includes documentation and
   user's manual. Written by Pertti Kellom\"aki, pk@cs.tut.fi
   The Lisp Pointers article describing PSD (Lisp Pointers VI(1):15-23,
   January-March 1993) is available as 

   SCLINT is a lint-like program for Scheme. It checks for consistency of
   indentation, syntax of special forms, and the number of arguments to
   primitive and most user-defined procedures. This is not a full
   implementation, but rather a quick hack. It is used in teaching
   programming at the Tampere University of Technology. It is available
   by anonymous ftp from 
   For further information, write to Pertti Kellom\"aki <pk@cs.tut.fi>.

   A bibliography of work in functional programming can be obtained by 
   anonymous ftp from tamdhu.dcs.st-andrews.ac.uk:/pub/staple/pubs.txt
   ( It uses a refer-like format with %T for title, %A
   for authors %I for a unique index entry %S for source (possibly a
   reference to another index) %K for keywords and %C for comments.
   Compiled by Tony Davie, <ajtd@honey.st-and.ac.uk>. [Email bounced, 7/7/93.]

   Scheme Utilities -- brokaw.lcs.mit.edu:/pub/scmutils.tar
   [This collection seems to no longer be located on brokaw -- does
   anybody know the current location?]

   A collection of Scheme implementations of data structures and
   algorithms is available by anonymous ftp from 
   as the file scheme-algorithms.tar. For more information, contact
   Pertti Kellom\"aki <pk@cs.tut.fi>. 

   6.001. The User's Manual, example code, and problem sets from MIT's
   course "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" are 
   available by anonymous ftp from swiss-ftp.ai.mit.edu:/archive/6.001/

   Steele's Constraint System. Chris Hanson's implementation of Steele's
   constraint system is available for anonymous ftp from
      swiss-ftp.ai.mit.edu:/archive/cph/constraint.tar []
   A compressed version is also stored there. The software is source code
   for MIT Scheme. It should run in release 7.1.3. Most of the MIT Scheme
   dependencies could be eliminated, but it also uses the following
   procedures which aren't in standard Scheme: error, bkpt, macros,
   dynamic binding, and string output ports. The code corresponds pretty
   closely to Guy Steele's PhD thesis implementation, which you can
   obtain in printed form from the MIT AI Lab publications office as
   AI-TR-595 for $15.00 (email publications@ai.mit.edu for more
   information). For more information, send email to Chris Hanson

   JACAL is a symbolic mathematics system for the simplification and
   manipulation of equations and single and multiple valued algebraic
   expressions constructed of numbers, variables, radicals, and algebraic
   functions, differential, and holonomic functions. In addition, vectors
   and matrices of the above objects are included.  JACAL is written in
   Scheme and requires SLIB. JACAL source is available via anonymous FTP
      prep.ai.mit.edu:/pub/gnu/jacal/jacal1a4.tar.Z, and
   Contact jaffer@altdorf.ai.mit.edu for more information.
   Zebu 0.9 is an LALR(1) parser generator for Scheme written by 
   William M. Wells III. It lives in the Scheme Repository 
   and works with PC-Scheme from TI and MIT C-Scheme 6.2 (but not with
   anything after 7.0). 

   Thomas is a compiler for the Dylan programming language.  The Thomas
   system is written in Scheme and runs under MIT's CScheme, DEC's
   Scheme->C, and Marc Feeley's Gambit.  It can run on a wide range of
   machines including the Macintosh, PC compatibles, Vax, MIPS, Alpha,
   and 680x0.  Thomas generates IEEE compatible Scheme code.  Thomas is
   available to the public by anonymous ftp at
   For more information on Thomas and Dylan, see part 4 of the Lisp FAQ.

   MATCH is a pattern matching macro package for Scheme.  Pattern
   matching allows complicated control decisions based on data structure
   to be expressed in a concise manner. This document describes several
   pattern matching macros for Scheme, and an associated mechanism for
   defining new forms of structured data. This macro package works with
   any Scheme that supports defmacro (which is obtainable by loading
   SLIB), such as Chez Scheme (release 4 or greater). MATCH is available
   by anonymous ftp from titan.cs.rice.edu:/public/wright/match.tar.Z
   [] and includes the macro source code and documentation. A
   copy should be available from the Scheme Repository shortly.  For
   further information, write to Andrew Wright, <wright@cs.rice.edu>.

   Soft Scheme provides the benefits of static typing for dynamically
   typed Scheme.  Like a static type checker, a soft type checker infers
   types for variables and expressions.  But rather than reject programs
   containing untypable fragments, a soft type checker inserts explicit
   run-time checks to transform untypable programs to typable form.
   These run-time checks indicate potential program errors, enabling
   programmers to detect errors prior to program execution.  Soft type
   checking minimizes the number of run-time checks in the compiled code,
   enabling dynamically typed languages to attain the efficiency of
   statically typed languages like ML. Soft Scheme is available by
   anonymous ftp from
      titan.cs.rice.edu:public/wright/softscheme.tar.Z []
   For more information, write to Andrew Wright <wright@cs.rice.edu>.

   ChezSybase is a Chez Scheme interface to the Sybase database.
   It uses the Chez Scheme foreign function interface to provide a
   high-level Scheme interface to the Sybase db-lib (the API to the
   Sybase database). Most of the db-lib calls and datatypes are
   supported, with the possible exception of spotty support for text and
   image data, and there is no analog to the datetime datatype. It is
   available by anonymous ftp from
   For more information, write to Karl O. Pinc <kop@acm.org>.
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