[1-9] Repositories of Scheme Software

There are several repositories of publicly redistributable and
public domain Scheme code. 

CMU AI Repository, Scheme Section:

   The Scheme Section of the CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
   is accessible by anonymous ftp to
      ftp.cs.cmu.edu:/user/ai/lang/scheme/ []
   through the AFS directory
   or by WWW from the URL   
   and includes more than 200 megabytes of sources and other materials
   of interest to Scheme programmers, including all freely
   distributable implementations and many programs.  Unlike the Scheme
   Repository at Indiana University, the entire contents of the CMU AI
   Repository has been keyword indexed to provide convenient browsing
   of the contents.

   The repository has standardized on using 'tar' for producing
   archives of files and 'gzip' for compression.

   To search the keyword index by mail, send a message to:
   with one or more lines containing calls to the keys command, such as:
      keys scheme awk
   in the message body.  Keywords may be regular expressions and are
   compared with the index in a case-insensitive conjunctive fashion.  
   You'll get a response by return mail. Do not include anything else in 
   the Subject line of the message or in the message body.  For help on
   the query mail server, include: 

   A Mosaic interface to the keyword searching program is in the
   works.  We also plan to make the source code (including indexes) to
   this program available, as soon as it is stable.

   Most of the Scheme Section of the AI Repository appears on Prime Time 
   Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1, a mixed-media book/CD-ROM publication. It
   includes two ISO-9660 CD-ROMs bound into a 224 page book and sells
   (list) for US$60 plus applicable sales tax and shipping and handling
   charges. Payable through Visa, Mastercard, postal money orders in US
   funds, and checks in US funds drawn on a US bank. For more
   information write to Prime Time Freeware, 370 Altair Way, Suite 150,
   Sunnyvale, CA  94086  USA, call 408-433-9662, 408-433-0727 (fax),
   or send email to ptf@cfcl.com.

   Contributions of software and other materials are always welcome but
   must be accompanied by an unambiguous copyright statement that grants
   permission for free use, copying, and distribution -- either a
   declaration by the author that the materials are in the public domain,
   that the materials are subject to the GNU General Public License (cite
   version), or that the materials are subject to copyright, but the
   copyright holder grants permission for free use, copying, and
   distribution. (We will tell you if the copying permissions are too
   restrictive for us to include the materials in the repository.)
   Inclusion of materials in the repository does not modify their
   copyright status in any way. Materials may be placed in:
   When you put anything in this directory, please send mail to
   giving us permission to distribute the files, and state whether
   this permission is just for the AI Repository, or also includes
   publication on the CD-ROM version (Prime Time Freeware for AI).
   We would also appreciate if you would include a 0.doc file for your
   package; see /user/ai/new/package.doc for a template. (If you don't
   have the time to write your own, we can write it for you based on
   the information in your package.)

   The Scheme Section of the AI Repository is maintained by Mark Kantrowitz 

Scheme Repository at Indiana University:

   The Scheme Repository at Indiana University contains a Scheme
   bibliography, copies of the R4RS report and other papers, sample
   Scheme code for a variety of purposes, several utilities, and some
   implementations. The Scheme code includes code for calendar
   calculations, Earley parser, FORMAT for Scheme, a scheme version of
   the Gabriel benchmarks, Marc Feeley's minimal object support for
   Scheme, a Scheme pretty-printer, a Prolog interpreter written in
   Scheme, a random number generator in Scheme, an implementation of
   SCOOPS, code from Abelson and Sussman's SICP book, Aubrey Jaffer's
   IEEE/R4RS compliance test, an implementation of matrices, a Scheme
   implementation of the Common Lisp FORMAT function, a Scheme front end
   to Adobe Illustrator PostScript, and a LALR(1) parser (ZEBU).  The
   repository was established by Ozan S. Yigit and is currently
   maintained by David Eby and John Zuckerman. Send administrative
   requests to
   The repository is accessible by anonymous ftp at 
      ftp.cs.indiana.edu:/pub/scheme-repository/   []
   or by WWW to
   The repository is mirrored in INRIA, courtesy of Christian Queinnec
   [Ecole Polytechnique and INRIA-Rocquencourt], ftp.inria.fr:/lang/Scheme/
   and also faui80.informatik.uni-erlangen.de:/pub/scheme/yorku

Other Scheme Collections:

   Scheme Implementations may also be found at swiss-ftp.ai.mit.edu:/archive/ 
   The R4RS report is available in 
   or as MIT AI Memo 848b (email publications@ai.mit.edu for more information).
   The swiss-ftp archive includes SCOOPS, CL2Scheme, extend-syntax,
   btree, Gabriel benchmarks, FORMAT for Scheme, etc.

   The GI (German Computer Science Society) Scheme Archive contains a
   variety of scheme programs, utilities, code from theses, and other
   materials. It also mirrors the Scheme Repository.  It is
   accessible by anonymous ftp to faui80.informatik.uni-erlangen.de
   (login as 'ftp', giving your email address as the password).
      pub/scheme/gi                # GI Scheme Archive
      pub/scheme/yorku             # Internet Scheme Repository
   Direct questions to scheme@faui80.informatik.uni-erlangen.de.
   The GI Scheme Archive is supported by the German Computer Society Special
   Interest Group on AI programming and sponsored by the Bavarian AI Center
   FORWISS -- Research Institute for Knowledge Based Systems.
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