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for the location of longer bibliographies. Please suggest additions etc.

F. Benhamou and A. Colmerauer, eds. "Constraint Logic Programming:
Selected Research" MIT Press, 1993.

J. Cohen, "Constraint Logic Programming Languages",
Communications of the ACM 33(7):52-68, 1992. [Good introduction to CLP
and includes a historical overview.]

B. Freeman-Benson, J. Maloney, and A. Borning, "An Incremental
Constraint Solver", Communications of the ACM 33(1):54-63, 1990.
[Includes a good reading list on the history and applications of

E. Freuder, "Synthesizing Constraint Expressions",
Communications of the ACM 21(11):24-32, 1978.

T. Fruehwirth et al, "Constraint Logic Programming: An Informal
Introduction", in Logic Programming in Action, 1992, Springer-Verlag,
LNCS 636, (Also available as Technical Report ECRC-93-5. ECRC tech
reports are available from ftp.ecrc.de:/pub/ECRC_tech_reports)

J. Jaffar and J-L. Lassez, "Constraint Logic Programming", in
Proceedings of the 14th ACM Symposium on Principles of Programming
Languages (POPL), Munich, pp. 111-119, 1987.

J. Jaffar and M. Maher, "Constraint Logic Programming: A
Survey", Journal of Logic Programming, 1994, (To appear).

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0-201-06243-7. (See entry on `BERTRAND' in section [2-1] of part2 of
this FAQ.)

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Intelligence 8(1):99-118, 1977.

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Programming Language Based on Constraints", PhD thesis, MIT, 1980.

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ISBN 0-12-701610-4.

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P. Van Hentenryck, "Constraint Satisfaction in Logic Programming",
MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1989, ISBN 0-262-08181-4.

[See also the articles on Constraint Networks (pages 276-285) and
Constraint Satisfaction (pages 285-293) in Shapiro's Encyclopedia
of Artificial Intelligence.]

The Journal "Artificial Intelligence" has articles on the Constraint
Satisfaction Problem (CSP), as do other AI journals. Magazines related
to Prolog will have articles on Constraint Logic programming (CLP).

 AI Communications (4 issues/yr)
 "The European Journal on Artificial Intelligence" ISSN 0921-7126,
 European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence.

 AI Expert (issued monthly) ISSN 0888-3785, Miller Freeman Publishers
 On CompuServe: GO AIEXPERT. Reviews Prolog-related products.

 Expert Systems (4 issues/yr) ISSN 0266-4720,
 Learned Information (Europe) Ltd.

 IEEE Expert (issued bimonthly) ISSN 0885-9000, IEEE Computer Society

 The Journal of Logic Programming (issued bimonthly), (North-Holland),
 Elsevier Publishing Company, ISSN 0743-1066

 New Generation Computing, Springer-Verlag. (Prolog-related articles)
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