[1-5] FTP Archives, WWW pages, and Other Resources

The following are archives that contain constraint-related material.
Most of the archives are anonymous ftp sites.

Mark_Kantrowitz@cs.cmu.edu has created an AI ftp repository.
See also PTF below.

Constraint Programming Paper Archive:
Aarhus University, Denmark, has established an anonymous ftp archive
for papers on "Constraint Programming" at ftp.daimi.aau.dk:/pub/CLP/
For further information, contact Brian H. Mayoh <brian@daimi.aau.dk>.

Original Constraint Logic Programming Bibliography:
[A more recent, larger, version is available on the ftp site for this
FAQ: ftp.cs.city.ac.uk:/pub/constraints/bibliography/]

 ftp archive.cis.ohio-state.edu:/pub/clp (
 cd pub/clp or cd pub/clp/{bib,papers}
 Originally maintained by Spiro Michaylov <spiro@cis.ohio-state.edu>

Constraints Bibliography:

 ftp ???			[any offers?]
 Maintained by ???

 Manfred Meyer's constraints bibliography may be made available soon.
 It, and other useful items concerning constraints, may be found on the
 City University ftp site where this FAQ is stored. See topic [1-1].

ECRC tech reports are available by anonymous ftp from ftp.ecrc.de or
http://www.ecrc.de/ on WWW.

FAQs on Linear and Non-Linear programming written by John Gregory
<jwg@ceres.cray.com> for the sci.op-research newsgroup are posted there
and are available from rtfm.mit.edu directory /pub/usenet/sci.answers/
in files linear-programming-faq and nonlinear-programming-faq.

Japan's Institute for New Generation Computer Technology (ICOT) has
made their software available to the public free of charge. The
collection includes a variety of prolog-based programs in symbol
processing, knowledge representation, reasoning and problem solving,
natural language processing. All programs are available by anonymous
ftp from ftp.icot.or.jp. Note that most of the programs are written for
the PSI machines, and very few have been ported to Unix-based
emulators. Some languages are discussed in section [2-1] in part2 of
this FAQ; for further information, send email to ifs@icot.or.jp, or
write to ICOT Free Software Desk, Institute for New Generation Computer
Technology, 21st Floor, Mita Kokusai Bldg., 4-28, Mita 1-chome,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 108, Japan, fax +81-3-4456-1618. See also PTF.

The Prime Time Freeware CD-ROM series contains various items mentioned
in this FAQ including Mark Kantrowitz's AI Repository, some ICOT
material, BERTRAND, GARNET, and LIFE. Prime Time Freeware for UNIX
sells for $60 US, list, and is issued twice each year. E-mail
<ptf@cfcl.com> for more details.

   University of Washington (Seattle):
Constraint-related papers and solvers/implementations including
ThingLabII, CoolDraw (a constraint-based drawing system), and the
DeltaBlue and SkyBlue algorithms. All public domain. Contact Alan
Borning <borning@cs.washington.edu> for details.
ftp.cs.washington.edu:/pub/constraints or, on WWW,

  WWW sites:
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