[1-16] Glossary: definitions of some terms

Thanks to Patrick Prosser, Thomas Schiex, Berthe Choueiry, Alan Borning,
Warwick Harvey, Thom Fruehwirth. Please inform me of additions.

AC	Arc-Consistency: a method for reducing the amount of
	back-tracking in CSPs
AC-n	Different algorithms for enforcing arc consistency: AC-3, AC-4
	(Mackworth), AC-5 (van Hentenryck), AC-6+, AC6++ (Bessiere and
	Regin), AC-7 (Freuder). Also Hierarchical AC: HAC (Mackworth)
	and HAC-6 (Kokeny)
AKL	Agent Kernel Language: object-oriented concurrent constraints
	(previously called Andorra Kernel Language)
AND-	AND-PARALLEL means doing all the atomic goals in one clause (or
	query) of a logic program in parallel (all the nodes of one
	branch of the search tree). OR-PARALLEL means doing all the
	clauses in parallel (all the branches of the search tree).
ATMS	Assumption-Based Truth-Maintenance System
BJ	Backjumping (*)
BM	Backmarking (*)
BMJ	Backmarking with backjumping (*)
CBJ	Conflict-Directed Back-Jumping (*)
DB	Dynamic Backtracking (*)
CC(FD)	Concurrent Constraint Programming over Finite Domains
CCP	Concurrent Constraint Programming
CHR	Constraint Handling Rules (Fruehwirth)
CIP	Constraint Imperative Programming
CLP	Constraint Logic Programming
CLP(FD)	Constraint Logic Programming over finite domains
CLP(R)	Constraint Logic Programming over the domain of Real numbers
CLP(X)	Constraint Logic Programming over some domain X
COP	Constrained Optimization Problem
CSP	Constraint Satisfaction Problem
DBT	Dynamic backtracking
DCSP	Dynamic CSP
DnAC	Dynamic arc-consistency
DVO	Dynamic Variable Ordering heuristic (*)
FC	Forward-checking (*)
FF	First Fail principle: choose the variable with the
	smallest domain as the next instantiation (*)
FLA	Full Look Ahead
FOF	Factor Out Failure
FSL	Full Shallow learning (*)
GBJ	Graph based Backjumping (*)
GSAT	Selman's GSAT
HAC	Hierarchical Arc Consistency. See AC-n.
HCLP	Hierarchical CLP
IB	Intelligent Backtracking (*)
IDA*	Iterative Deepening A*
ILP	Integer Linear Programming
IP	Integer Programming
LC	Local changes
LP	Logic Programming or Linear Programming
MAC	Maintaining Arc-Consistency
NC	Node consistency (see AC). Not much used
NLP	Non-Linear Programming. (Natural Language Processing elsewhere)
NR	Nogood recording (*)
OR	Operations Research. see newsgroup sci.op-research
OR-	See AND-
PC	Path-Consistency. Not much used
PCSP	Partial CSP
PLA	Partial Look Ahead
RFLA	Real Full Look Ahead
SAT	The problem of deciding if a given logical formula is
TMS	Truth-Maintenance System
TSP	Travelling Salesman Problem; a typical very hard problem

(*)	All these are different techniques/heuristics for improving the
	efficiency of constraint satisfaction
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