[1-15] Dynamic CSPs (Constraint Satisfaction Problems)

Thomas Schiex <schiex@saturne.cert.fr> writes: A definition: A dynamic
constraint satisfaction problem P is a sequence P_0 ... P_alpha of
static CSPs each one resulting from a change in the preceding one [1].
This change may be a _restriction_ (a new constraint is imposed on a
subset of variables) or a _relaxation_ (a constraint is removed from
the CSP).

[2] and [3] contain many references to other papers in the field.

[1] Rina Dechter and Avi Dechter, ``Belief Maintenance in Dynamic
Constraint Networks'', Proceedings AAAI, 1988, pp 37-42.

[2] Gerard Verfaillie and Thomas Schiex, ``Solution reuse in dynamic
CSPS'', Proceedings AAAI, August 1994.

[3] Christian Bessiere, ``Arc-Consistency in Dynamic CSPs'',
Proceedings AAAI, 1991, pp 221-226.
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