Yu-Xiang Wang's Homepage

Yu-Xiang Wang 王宇翔

Scientist, Amazon AI, AWS

Address: 2100 University Ave, East Palo Alto, CA 94303

E-mail: yuxiangw AT amazon.com

Yu-Xiang is pronounced approximately as ['ju:'ʃi:ʌŋ], namely, y~eu~ee - sh~ih~ah~ng .

Looking for self-motivated interns/students to join me at Amazon (now!) and UCSB (2018 Fall).


Hello! Welcome to my homepage. I am a scientist with Amazon AI in Palo Alto --- yes, I'm part of that gang of weirdos led by Alex Smola, who thrive to make high-quality AI and ML technologies accessible to all developers through open source code and AWS. Prior to joining Amazon, I was with the Machine Learning Department in Carnegie Mellon University and had the pleasure of being jointly advised by Stephen Fienberg, Alex Smola, Ryan Tibshirani and Jing Lei.

My research interests include trend filtering, differential privacy, subspace clustering, large-scale learning / optimization and more recently some sequential interactive learning problems and deep learning. For details, please feel free to check out my publication page.

Publications, Google Scholar profile