Welcome to Wilson Tam's Homepage

Hi! My name is Yik-Cheung (Wilson) Tam. I was a LTI Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University working at InterACT (formerly the Interactive Systems Labs) advised by Prof. Tanja Schultz. My research interests are acoustic modeling, language modeling for large vocabulary automatic speech recognition, statistical machine translation, and machine learning. I worked on the GALE project, particularly on unsupervised language model adaptation. In July 2009, I passed my thesis defense titled "Rapid Unsupervised Topic Adaptation - a Latent Semantic Approach" for monolingual and crosslingual adaptation.

Contact: w_i_l_s_o_n.y_c_t_a_m@nospam.gmail.com (remove nospam. and _)




Last update: 15th October 2009