Opening for PhD students in Artificial Intelligence at UCSD

(To Begin in 2020 Fall)

Xiaolong Wang [Homepage] [GitHub] [Google Scholar]

Applications are invited for PhD student positions in Professor Xiaolong Wang's lab at UC San Diego. Application deadline is in early December 2019. Students with experience in the following topics are encrouaged to apply:

Xiaolong's research lies in exploiting the structure in data for learning visual representations, with a focus on the spatial-temporal structure in videos and its connection to 3D structure as well as semantic structure. There are two principal directions he has explored: first, to use the structure information from the data itself as a supervisory signal for learning visual representations (i.e., self-supervised learning), eliminating the need for manual labels; second, to explicitly model the structure in data for human activity analysis, scene affordance reasoning and learning object physical interaction.

Xiaolong is interested in the intersection between computer vision and robotics, and applying visual learning in robotics. His aim for research is to build an AI system that can scale up its learning ability beyond human supervision, acquire common sense knowledge, and interact with the world using the knowledge it has learned. Importantly, more knowledge can be acquired throughout the interaction.

If you are interested in applying, you can apply to UCSD ECE department or CSE department and state your interested in my group in your statement of purpose. For any further questions, you can email Xiaolong Wang: .