- Unit Testing -
Duration: October 2019 - December 2019
Keywords: Computational Thinking; Cognitive Task Analysis; A/B Testing; Instructional Design

These is my E-Learning Design Principle & Methods course project.

In this course project, my teammates and I built an online module with interactive activities in Open Learning Initiative. We aimed at helping novice programmers understand basic knowledge about test driven development and how unit testing works when debugging the codes. After doing testing with 20 novice learners, our results showed that these students on average scored 24% higher after learning our course module.

My Role
As an online course instructional designer, I ...

Detected learning difficulties in the process of debugging and chose appropriate tools as difficulties

Built course big pictures, aligned learning goals, assessment and instructional materials

Applied five E-learning principles into this module including pre-training principle, segmenting principle, modality principle, worked example principle and one innovative principle as interactive feedback.


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