- Pangolin -
Duration: January 2020 - August 2020
Keywords: Dashboard design; Data visualization; Student-teacher interaction; Adaptive learning

These is my 8-month Capstone project worked for our client.

Pangolin is an innovative learning platform that supports an inclusive programming classroom environment for both students and teachers alike. With this platform, middle school students can personalize their learning experience with ample assistance, while teachers can track students' activities, analyze their performance, and provide effective & timely interventions.
We believe that, in partnership with educators, Pangolin will help every student do their best in programming classes.

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My Role
As the team lead and project manager, I ...

Led a 5-member team and was in charge of product planning, user research, and client communication.

Specifically, in the research phase, I identified and connected with interviewees, collaborated with teammates to synthesize findings, and pitched our ideas in the spring presentation.
In the design phase, I built the whole product flow with 4 rounds of iteration; structured and polished our product report; made concept videos with teammates.
As the team leader, I also did reflection along the way to keep my team on the right direction.

As a learning science researcher, I ...

Applied all of my learning experience about learning science into this Capstone project.
In particular, I took initiative in proposing 3 learning science-tailored ideas including (1) an in-class real-time analytical dashboard, (2) an in-class Adaptive Task & TA System, and (3) an after-class integrated Q&A agent.
My first idea got accepted by the client and my second idea was extended to a dual-mode practice system in the design phase, which involved several learning science principles such as worked example, chunking, and timely feedback.