- Lynnette Student Dashboard -
Duration: September 2020 - Present
Keywords: Vue.js; Dashboard implementation; Self-regulated learning; Learning analytics;

This is my Research Assistant project, advised by Prof. Vincent Aleven.

As an intelligent tutoring system, Lynnette helps students to learn middle-school math by giving step-by-step help and feedback as needed. Its content is aligned to NCTM Curriculum Focal Points, PA Assessment Anchors, and Common Core domains. The embedded student-facing dashboard (with visualizations of current skill mastery level and mastery history) is a useful feature to foster self-reflection and self-regulation of students.

Check out product details at >>Lynnette Website

My Role
As a front-ended developer, I ...

Am capable of grasping new knowledge about Vue.js quickly and adept at implementing features from the design prototype.

I am in charge of using Vue, HTML, CSS to implement an interactive student dashboard that displays students' current and historical practice progress. Students are able to select across different planets.

Our long-term goal is to demonstrate the effectiveness of gamified features and self-regulated learning in mathematics. The first study will be launched to Pittsburgh-area math classes in 2021.


A student-facing clickable dashboard