- Advanced Excel -
Duration: September 2019 - December 2019
Keywords: Digital Literacy; Instructional Design; Backward Design; Content & Curriculum

These is my individual project in course Educational Goals, Instruction, and Assessment.

This course module is designed for national students in Grade 10-11 in a suburban American public high school. Students will build their data analytical, planning and visualization capability during learning, which could prepare them as a good presenter and problem-solver in the future. Also, after learning this module, students can do analytical tasks of different genres and show them in a clear way.

My Role
As a classroom instructional designer, I ...

Understood my learners in the context, followed backward design, aligned my instructional goals, assessment, and instructional activities together, and conducted evaluation research.

Applied big ideas and educational design principles as follows ->

(1) establish social supportive environment by setting norms and rules ahead; (2) follow learners' developmental stages and cognitive levels; (3) provide ample opportunities for deliberate practice during and after class; (4) combine direct instruction with guided discovery and open exploration; (5) know and activate learner’s prior knowledge; (6) add student-teaching activity.


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