- Decimal Point -
Duration: September 2019 - Present
Keywords: Educational game; Mediation analysis; STEM learning; Gender Effect

Decimal Point is an educational game project in McLearn Lab, CMU.

In fall 2019, we implemented a classroom study with the focus of finding the enjoyment-learning-balance in digital learning games. Based on the data collected, we did post hoc data analysis and understood more in-depth about designing digital learning games to make it optimize student learning while retaining its core value as a playful environment. [Demo Video]
In spring 2020, with the goal of helping students using hints and error message more effectively, we applied both studies in 6 middle schools. Considering the COVID situation, we did both classroom setting and remote setting studies.

Check out research project details at >> Decimal Point Website

My Role
As a researcher, I ...

Led all the data-mining and analysis work in log datasets including detecting and analyzing several types of student behaviours.

For example, I analyzed student dashboard recommendation following behaviour, gameplay and replay behaviour, over-practice behaviour, hint using bahaviour, error message interpretation, etc.

Am doing literature review and paper writing with my co-authors.

For example, I made my first two 1st-author papers in this project. Also, my literature review work on the gender effects in STEM was also incorporated in a Gender & Game grant proposal submitted to NSF ECR.

Am working closely with my mentors, discuss frequently, and learn from them.

For example, we hold meetings every week to discuss new results and progress. I always make agendas ahead.

Related Publications

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[2] (In submission) Huy A Nguyen, Xinying Hou, J Elizabeth and Richey, Bruce M McLaren (In submission). Uncovering the Gender Effect across Multiple Studies of a Digital Learning Game. To be submitted to the Journal of Learning Analytics

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