GEE in a Simple Executable Representation

In 1998 we implemented GEE as a typical database driven system in order to explore implementation options and issues. Our first step was to create an executable representation using the most trivial tool possible: an HTML representation:
              The first GEE executable representation
This model has all the appearance of the initial product. Clicking on buttons takes you to a representation of the result. But none of the actual semantics are implemented.

The following extract from the GEE documents describes the behavior as should be observed by users.

GEE is an enterprise asset of Our Shipping Company, more affectionately known as OSC.  OSC has customers who ship packages from shipping points to recipients.  Packages are carried by trucks which may be located at shipping points, at recipients, at hubs, or enroute between any of these.

Users will access GEE from software running on their ownb personal computers. Various sorts of people can access the GEE applications. Here are the operations each can perform: