NavLab11 NavLab11


The newest platform vehicle of the project.

NavLab11 NavLab11 Car -- 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport
Standard options: Anti-lock braking system Higher torque ratio Larger Tire package
CMU Modifications: Odometry is obtained by counting the four 51slots/wheel rotation gears used with the anti-lock braking system Steering wheel motor and angle encoder

Additional sensors mounted on vehicle
  • GPS -- Trimble AgGPS 114 - Differential GPS smart antenna combines high-performance GPS and L-band satellite differential in one package. It' uses the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) service. Sub-meter accurate, real-time DGPS operation is possible. GPS
  • Gyroscopes and magneto-meters -- Crossbow VG400CA (DMU-HDX) - Solid-state vertical gyro, roll and pitch angle measurement in dynamic environments. Gyroscope
  • Time & Date GPS antenna -- Datum bc637CPCI Time & Frequency Processor - It provides a precision time and frequency reference to the host computer system and peripheral data acquisition systems. Time is acquired from the GPS satellites using a supplied antenna/receiver. Time is provided directly to computer through IRIG-B time code signals, eliminating the need for a serial protocol coming from external instruments. The frequency of output is 1,510MHz. Time & Date GPS
  • Proximity laser scanner -- SICK LMS 221-30206 - Maximum range 50 m, resolution 10 mm, maximum scanning angle 180 degrees, angular resolution 0.5 degrees. SICK
  • Omni-directional camera (2) -- Remote Reality ParaCamera S-360c and Accowle Middle Size Spherical-mirror Omni-directional Sensor with SONY EVI-330 ParaCamera ParaCamera
  • Laser line striper -- Original Research at CMU uses laser line and CCD camera using geometry to detect curbs and obstacles Camera: WAT 902 HS with 900 nm filter Laser: GaAs (wavelength around 900 nm) Electronic circuit Video card Computer: PII, 400 MHz Acquisition rate: 30 Hz Range and resolution are dependent on the configuration. Typical example has a range of up to 5 m (perpendicular target) and FOV of 60 degree. The resolution distance is about 1% (distance dependent) with an angular: resolution of 0.1 degree Line-striper

  • Last updated October 2001