Logo for the CMU Mine Mapping Project

The logo

Logo graphics files

For graphics work incorporating this logo, it is suggested that you use minelogo-large.png, a 900x900 PNG file containing the logo. minelogo-small.png is a 400x400 version of the same image and is seen above. The final file, minelogo.xcf.bz2 is a 1000x1000 bzip2 compressed version of the graphic in the GIMP .xcf format used to store the components of the image while it was being created. While it is slightly larger than the large .png file, it has some rough edges in it.
	[IMG] minelogo-large.png      15-Nov-2002 01:55    76k  
	[IMG] minelogo-small.png      15-Nov-2002 01:55    25k  
	[   ] minelogo.xcf.bz2        15-Nov-2002 01:55   104k  

November 2002, Tom Stepleton