Metal Magic


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Line Introduced: before 1987 Sculptors: Michael Immig
Line Discontinued: around 1992   Jorg-Martin Meyer
      Josef Ochmann
Cybertech Bunkerbreakers
C3001a with autogun, firing
C3001b with autogun, standing
C3001c with autogun, advancing
C3002a with heavy laser, advancing
C3002b with heavy laser, firing
C3002c with heavy laser, standing
C3003a with heavy MG, carrying ammo case
C3003b with heavy MG, advancing
C3003c with heavy MG, standing
C3004a with extra-heavy laser, advancing
C3004b with extra-heavy laser, firing
C3004c with extra-heavy laser, standing
C3005a com-officer operating terminal
C3005b com-officer, advancing
C3006a with grenade launcher, advancing
C3006b with grenade launcher, giving orders
C3006c with grenade launcher, standing
C3007a with rocket launcher, firing
C3007b with rocket launcher, advancing
C3007c with rocket launcher, standing
C3007d loader carrying ammunition
C3008a forward observer, standing
C3008b forward observer with heavy flamer
C3008c forward observer with heavy needler
C3009a with heavy flamer, advancing
C3009b with heavy flamer, standing
C3009c with heavy flamer, giving orders
C3010a with machine pistol, firing
C3010b with machine pistol, advancing
C3010c with machine pistol, standing
C3011a veteran with heavy laser and flamer
C3011b veteran with double-barrelled MG
C3011c veteran with custom extra-heavy laser
C3012a veteran with jump-pack and 2 machine cannons
C3012b veteran with jump-pack, heavy flamer and power glove
C3012c veteran with jump-pack, with rapid-fire cannon

Cybertech Wartechs
C3030a with pistol, giving orders
C3030b with pistol, firing
C3031a with MP, advancing
C3031b with MP, firing, 2 weapons
C3031c with MP, firing
C3032a with autogun, weapon raised
C3032b with autogun, firing
C3032c with autogun, advancing
C3033a with laser rifle, firing
C3033b with laser rifle, advancing
C3033c with laser rifle, standing
C3034a with heavy laser, firing, helmet at side
C3034b with heavy laser, firing
C3034c with heavy laser, weapon raised
C3035a with heavy flamer, firing, hand raised
C3035b with heavy flamer, advancing
C3035c with heavy flamer, firing
C3036a with heavy MG, advancing
C3036b with heavy MG, firing
C3036c with heavy MG, standing
C3037a com-officer, standing, helmet at side
C3037b com-officer, operating terminal
C3038a forward observer, standing
C3038b forward observer with autogun
C3038c forward observer with heavy flamer
C3039a veteran with shotgun and laser rifle
C3039b veteran with face-mask and custom MG
C3039c veteran with gatling gun
C3039d veteran with MP and special weapon
C3039e veteran with autogun and jump-pack
C3039f veteran with extra-heavy flamer
C3045a with jump-pack, officer with handneedler
C3045b with jump-pack, officer with handlaser
C3046a with jump-pack and heavy needler, advancing
C3046b with jump-pack and heavy needler, firing
C3047a with jump-pack and autogun, standing
C3047b with jump-pack and autogun, advancing
C3048a with jump-pack and MP, firing
C3048b with jump-pack and MP, advancing
C3049a with jump-pack and laser rifle, standing
C3049b with jump-pack and laser rifle, firing

Cybertech S.E.C.S. Troops
C3061a with autogun, running
C3061b with autogun, giving cover
C3062a with laser rifle, firing
C3062b with laser rifle, running
C3063a with heavy MG, reloading
C3063b with heavy MG, firing
C3064a with heavy laser, firing
C3064b with heavy laser, giving cover
C3065a with grenade launcher, reloading
C3065b with grenade launcher, firing
C3066a with rocket launcher, firing, standing
C3066b with rocket launcher, firing, kneeling
C3066c loader carrying ammunition
C3067a com-officer with pistol
C3067b com-officer with MP

Cybertech Vehicles
C3091a Warhawk with Bunkerbreaker
C3091b Warhawk with Wartech trooper
C3092a Wartech Grav-speeder with grenade launcher
C3092b Wartech Grav-speeder with rocket launcher
C3092c Wartech Grav-speeder with machine cannon
C3092d S.E.C.S. Grav-speeder with grenade launcher
C3092e S.E.C.S. Grav-speeder with rocket launcher
C3092f S.E.C.S. Grav-speeder with machine cannon

Yoyodine Skychargers
C3101a with laser sword, attacking
C3101b with laser sword, standing
C3101c with laser sword, advancing
C3102a with vibro-lance, standing
C3102b with vibro-lance, advancing
C3102c with vibro-lance, attacking
C3103a with raised laser sword and power glove, standing
C3103b with laser sword and power glove, advancing
C3103c with laser sword and power glove, standing
C3103d with laser sword and power glove, defending
C3103e with power glove and attacking with laser sword
C3103f with laser sword and attacking with power glove
C3104a with 2 laser swords, standing, swords at side
C3104b with 2 laser swords, standing with helmet
C3104c with 2 laser swords, defending with laser sword
C3104d with 2 laser swords, attacking with 1 sword
C3104e with 2 laser swords, attacking with 2 swords
C3104f with 2 laser swords, standing 

Yoyodyne Shigaru
C3130a with pistol, giving orders
C3130b with pistol, firing
C3131a with MP, standing
C3131b with MP, advancing
C3131c with MP, firing
C3132a with autogun, advancing
C3132b with autogun, firing
C3132c with autogun, standing
C3133a with heavy needler, firing
C3133b with heavy needler, advancing
C3133c with heavy needler, giving orders
C3134a with laser rifle, advancing
C3134b with laser rifle, standing
C3135a with heavy laser, firing
C3135b with heavy laser, standing
C3135c with heavy laser, advancing
C3136a with heavy flamer, standing
C3136b with heavy flamer, advancing
C3136c with heavy flamer, advancing
C3137a with heavy MG, firing
C3137b with heavy MG, advancing
C3137c with heavy MG, giving orders
C3138a com-officer, standing
C3138b com-officer, giving orders
C3139a with grenade launcher, firing
C3139b with grenade launcher, giving order
C3140a with rocket launcher, advancing
C3140b with rocket launcher, standing
C3140c loader  

Yoyodyne Humbs
C3160a with grapeshot cannon, advancing
C3160b with grapeshot cannon, firing
C3161a with gatling, advancing
C3161b with gatling, firing
C3162a with vibro-blades, advancing
C3162b with vibro-blades, attacking

Yoyodyne Vehicles
C3191a 'Den Warui' zero-G glider
C3191b 'Shi Hayai' zero-G glider

Phagon Battle-Clones
C3221a with needler, advancing
C3221b with needler, standing
C3221c with needler, firing
C3222a with heavy needler, standing
C3222b with heavy needler, advancing
C3222c with heavy needler, firing
C3223a with combat needler, firing
C3223b with combat needler, advancing
C3223c with combat needler, standing
C3224a with laser rifle, advancing
C3224b with laser rifle, standing, weapon raised
C3224c with laser rifle, standing
C3225a with heavy laser, standing, weapon raised
C3225b with heavy laser, advancing
C3225c with heavy laser, standing
C3226a with heavy flamer, firing
C3226b with heavy flamer, standing
C3226c with heavy flamer, advancing
C3227a with extra-heavy needler, advancing
C3227b with extra-heavy needler, standing
C3227c with extra-heavy needler, firing
C3228a communicator with hand flamer
C3228b communicator with heavy flamer and hand needler
C3228c communicator with hand laser
C3229a with grenade launcher, firing
C3229b with grenade launcher, giving orders
C3229c with grenade launcher, standing
C3230a with rocket launcher, standing
C3230b with rocket launcher, giving orders
C3230c with rocket launcher, firing
C3230d loader carrying ammunition 

C3241a with needler, advancing, weapon raised
C3241b with needler, advancing, weapon held down
C3241c with needler, standing, weapon raised
C3241d with needler, standing
C3241e with needler, advancing, weapon to side
C3242a with laser rifle, standing
C3242b with laser rifle, firing
C3242c with laser rifle, advancing
C3242d with laser rifle, standing, weapon raised
C3242e with laser rifle, advancing and firing
C3243a with combat needler, advancing
C3243b with combat needler, standing
C3243c with combat needler, standing, weapon raised
C3243d with combat needler, firing
C3243e with combat needler, advancing, weapon raised
C3244a with heavy flamer, standing, weapon raised
C3244b with heavy flamer, advancing
C3244c with heavy flamer, standing
C3244d with heavy flamer, standing, weapon held down
C3245a commander with combat needler
C3245b commander with heavy flamer
C3245c commander with laser rifle
C3245d commander with needler and Cybertech helmet 

Phagon Bioids
C3281a Suma PSI-wolf, attacking
C3281b Suma PSI-wolf, advancing

Phagon Battle-Beasts
C3282a Hammerhead
C3283a Stingwhipper
C3284a Running Ripper 

Phagon Vehicles
C3291a Command Walker Mk. I
C3291b Walker "Hammerhead" Mk. II
C3291c Walker "Sunburst" Mk. III
C3291d Walker "Triad" Mk. IIC
C3291e Walker "Stinger" Mk. IA 

Sarday'kin Legions
C3301a Legionnaire with heavy needler, firing
C3301b Legionnaire with heavy needler, standing
C3301c Legionnaire with heavy needler, advancing
C3301d Legionnaire with heavy needler, running
C3301e Legionnaire with heavy needler, giving cover
C3302a Legionnaire with heavy flamer, standing
C3302b Legionnaire with heavy flamer, giving cover
C3302c Legionnaire with heavy flamer, firing
C3302d Legionnaire with heavy flamer, advancing
C3302e Legionnaire with heavy flamer, running
C3303a Legionnaire with heavy laser, running
C3303b Legionnaire with heavy laser, standing
C3303c Legionnaire with heavy laser, firing
C3303d Legionnaire with heavy laser, advancing
C3303e Legionnaire with heavy laser, giving cover
C3304a Legionnaire with heavy MG, firing
C3304b Legionnaire with heavy MG, giving cover
C3304c Legionnaire with heavy MG, standing
C3305a Com Officer giving orders
C3305b Com Officer standing
C3305c Com Officer giving cover

Sarday'kin Veterans
C3320a with Gassenhauer, standing
C3320b with Gassenhauer, advancing
C3320c with Gassenhauer, running
C3320d with Gassenhauer, firing
C3320e with Gassenhauer, going
C3321a with rocket launcher, standing
C3321b with rocket launcher, advancing
C3321c with rocket launcher, loader carrying ammunition
C3322a with grenade launcher, standing
C3322b with grenade launcher, advancing

Former Imperial Robot Legions
C3601a Scavenger
C3601b Conqueror
C3601c Hercules
C3602a Behemoth
C3602b Smasher

C3701a adventurer with hand laser
C3701b adventuress with heavy needler
C3701c adventurer with coat 

C3706a punk
C3706b trader with cape
C3706c carrying documents
C3706d lady in long dress
C3706e civilian in street-wear 

Ship's Crew
C3720a navigatress
C3720b cargo officer
C3720c mechanic
C3720d medic
C3720e security officer, standing
C3720f security officer, running 

C3724a Dawleen
C3725a Yoyodyne Commander and Standard Bearer 

C3751a Swamp Strangler
C3751b Brainfreezer
C3752a Hothouse-Killersprinter

D1101 SPACELORDS Tabletop-Rules
D1102 Spacelords Szenario-Pack 1
Z7002 Galactic Gazetter Issue 1
Z7003 Galactic Gazetter Issue 2
Z7004 Galactic Gazetter Issue 3

Additions by Caius Jennison and Andreas Kuegler
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