Metal Magic


These figures are currently being re-released by Dark Ages Miniatures, an affiliate of Discount Hobby.

What's New

Line Introduced: before 1987 Sculptors: Mike French
Line Discontinued: after 1992 Michael Immig
Josef Ochmann
Dave Sparrow
C1001a with sword
C1001b with spear and shield
C1001c with sword and morning star
C1001d with sword and dagger
C1001e with crossbow
C1001f with sword and falcon
C1001g with axe and sword
C1001h with bow and sword
C1001i with axe and cloak
C1001k with two-handed sword
C1001l with sword and shield
C1001m with axe and shield
C1001n bald fighter with sword
C1001o with club and shield
C1001p with spear and longshield
C1001q with sword and spear

C1002a with fighting staff
C1002b with raised cross
C1002c reading book
C1002d with mace and book
C1002e with staff
C1002f with club, armoured
C1002g with hammer and wooden peg
C1002h evil cleric

C1003a with staff and pointed hat
C1003b with scrolls
C1003c with staff and book book
C1003d with cloak, casting spell
C1003e with familiar
C1003f with cloak
C1003g with large diamond
C1003h reading tome

C1004a attacking with axe
C1004b with sword and round shield
C1004c with sword and morningstar
C1004d with bow, loading
C1004e with two swords
C1004f bald headed with spear
C1004g standard bearer
C1004h with large 2-handed sword
C1004i attacking with spear
C1004k with bow, shooting
C1004l attacking with 2-handed sword
C1004m with axe and horn

Thieves and Robbers
C1005a robber with sword
C1005b thief with dagger and lantern
C1005c robber with club
C1005d female thief with sword
C1005e thief with sword and dagger
C1005f robber attacking with knife
C1005g fat thief with sword
C1005h assassin with daggers
C1005i female thief with cloak
C1005k robber with grapnel
C1005l female thief with dagger

Female Fighters
C1006a with sword and dagger
C1006b with spear and shield
C1006c with scimitar and shield
C1006d with bow
C1006e with 2 swords
C1006f with axe and shield
C1006g with cloak, drawing sword
C1006h with halberd

Kinghts of Chaos
C1007a with sword
C1007b with club
C1007c with morningstar and demon
C1007d with pole-weapon
C1007e with 2-handed sword
C1007f with 2-handed axe
C1007g with morningstar and sword
C1007h attacking with axe
C1007i with axe
C1007k hunchback with sword

C1008a with war-hammer
C1008b with bow
C1008c with sword and shield
C1008d with crossbow
C1008e with pole-weapon
C1008f with spiked club
C1008g with 2-handed sword
C1008h with axe
C1008i with hammer, armoured
C1008k with halberd, armoured
C1008l drawing sword, armoured
C1008m with sword, armoured
C1008n leader, armoured
C1008o attacking with hammer, armoured
C1008p leader with hammer
C1008q with pole-weapon, armoured

C1009a with club and shield, attacking
C1009b with large axe
C1009c with bow
C1009d with sword and shield
C1009e with pole-weapon
C1009f with bow, shooting
C1009g armoured leader
C1009h with sword and axe
C1009i with war-club
C1009k with sabre and shield
C1009l with club and shield
C1009m attacking with pole-weapon

Champions of Chaos
C1010a with 2-handed axe
C1010b with pole-weapon
C1010c Chaos leader
C1010d with 2-handed sword
C1010e with club
C1010f with sword and blade-glove
C1010g with large runesword
C1010h with chain-weapon

Champions of Law
C1011a with morningstar
C1011b with large axe
C1011c with 2-handed sword
C1011d with pole-weapon
C1011e with sword and shield
C1011f with battle-hammer
C1011g attacking with 2-handed sword

C1012a Vampire
C1012b Werewolf
C1012c Caveman with spear
C1012d Caveman with club
C1012e Angel
C1012f Mummy
C1012g Lich
C1012h Satyr
C1012i Ghoul
C1012k Gargoyle
C1012l Dryad
C1012m Harpy
C1012n Ghost
C1012o Barrow Wight
C1012p Basilisk
C1012q Homunculus
C1012r Medusa

Female Clerics
C1014a with book
C1014b with fighting staff
C1014c with club, attacking
C1014d nun with cross and book
C1014e High Priestess
C1014f with club and book
C1014g female shaman
C1014h with war club

C1015a with sword and axe
C1015b with bow, shooting
C1015c with spear and shield
C1015d with bow, loading
C1015e with spear and shield, attacking
C1015f standard bearer
C1015g with halberd
C1015h chieftain with sword
C1015i with scimitar
C1015k musician
C1015l with sword and shield
C1015m shaman with staff

C1016a vampire with cloak
C1016b with raised arms
C1016c advancing
C1016d evading daylight
C1016e with bat-like cloak
C1016f female vampire, advancing
C1016g female vampire, with raised hands
C1016h female vampire, scantilly dressed

Female Wizards
C1017a with staff
C1017b with demon staff
C1017c witch with cat
C1017d with magic sword
C1017e with staff and dragon
C1017f with rucksack and staff
C1017g with book and staff
C1017h with magic bowl

Furniture and Equipment
C1018a table with 2 benches
C1018b table with 2 stools
C1018c fountain and stone trapdoor
C1018d trapdoors (2), floor grating (1)
C1018e round table with 2 stools
C1018f old bed and weapons display
C1018g new bed and armour display
C1018h astronomer's items (3 different)
C1018i bench, chair, bookstand
C1018k barbarian throne, 2 candlesticks
C1018l sarcophagus and male corpse
C1018m sarcophagus and female corpse
C1018n large brazier and 2 statues
C1018o brazier and 2 statues with candles
C1018p elven throne, 2 incense burners
C1018q 2 tavern tables, 2 wooden chairs, 2 stools
C1018r 1 large barrel, 1 small barrel, pile of barrels
C1018s pentagram, large kettle, alchemist's retort

Villagers and Townspeople 
C1019a nightwatchman
C1019b harlequin
C1019c lady of the night
C1019d executioner
C1019e rat-catcher
C1019f drunkard
C1019g pirate
C1019h gipsy
C1019i hunchback
C1019k herald
C1019l tavern maid
C1019m beggar
C1019n inkeeper
C1019o inkeeper's wife
C1019p serving wench
C1020a attacking with halberd
C1020b attacking with 2-handed sword
C1020c with pole-weapon
C1020d with lance and shield
C1020e with sword and shield
C1020f with large axe
C1020g with sword
C1020h with halberd
C1020i with axe and shield
C1020k with morningstar and shield

Druids and Rangers
C1022a druid with staff and sickle
C1022b female ranger with bow
C1022c female ranger with sword
C1022d druid with club
C1022e ranger with 2-handed sword
C1022f ranger with bow
C1022g female druid with staff
C1022h ranger with sword
C1022i old druid with staff
C1022k ranger attacking with sword
C1022l female druid with staff and sickle
C1022m ranger with bow and sword

Riders (foot, mounted and horse)
C1023a Magician with staff and pointed hat
C1023b Monk
C1023c fighter with sword
C1023d adventurer with rapier and foil
C1023e chaos lord with 2-handed sword on 6-legged mount 
C1023f Barbarian Lord with 2-handed sword
C1023g barbaian with axe
C1023h ranger with bow
C1023i elven lord with sword and falcon
C1023k elven fighter with spear and sword
C1023l female fighter with sword
C1023m amazon with sabre

C1024a with tobacco pipe
C1024b with short sword and roundshield
C1024c with club
C1024d female halfling with rolling pin
C1024e thief with dagger and cloak
C1024f acventurer with sword
C1024g adventurer with knapsack
C1024h with staff sling

C1025a with spear
C1025b with bow
C1025c with shield and morningstar
C1025d with 2-handed sword
C1025e with sword
C1025f with axe and shield
C1025g with sword and large dagger
C1025h with spear and shield

C1026a with sword and shield
C1026b with chain
C1026c with sword
C1026d with wooden club 
C1026e with cleaver 
C1026f with club 
C1026g with large dagger
C1026h with spear

Treasure and Chests 
C1028a closed treasure chest
C1028b treasure hoard with weapons
C1028c open treasure chest
C1028d treasure hoard with coins
C1028e broken treasure chest

Unknown Series
C1027a Cave Bear

Lizard Warriors

C1031a Dragon with nest and treasure
C1031b Fire Dragon
C1031c Ice Dragon
C1031d Swamp Dragon

Giant Trolls
C1032a attacking with tree trunk
C1032b standing with tree trunk
C1032c attacking with club
C1032d throwing stone

C1033a with sword and shield, armoured
C1033b with bow, armoured
C1033c with spear and shield
C1033d attacking, with sword and shield
C1033e archer with cape
C1033f attacking, with sword and shield
C1033g with spear and shield, standing
C1033h magician, enchanting
C1033i with spear and shield, armoured
C1033k magician with staff
C1033l archer
C1033m attacking with pole-weapon

C1034a hill giant with hammer
C1034b wood giant with club
C1034c swamp giant with tree trunk

C1036a musician
C1036b with sword and shield, armoured
C1036c with axe
C1036d undead magician
C1036e standard bearer
C1036f with scythe
C1036g with pole-weapon
C1036h with sword and shield
C1036i with halberd
C1036k with 2-handed sword
C1036l with bow
C1036m with club and shield

C1037a female centaur with bow
C1037b centaur with sword
C1037c centaur with spear

C1038a with club
C1038b with 2-handed axe
C1038c with raised sword
C1038d attacking with axe
C1038e attacking bare-handed
C1038f Minotaur Lord

C1039a with club
C1039b with axe
C1039c with sword
C1039d attacking with club
C1039e with bow
C1039f with spiked club
C1039g with spear
C1039h with sabre and shield

Female Chaos Fighters
C1040a with 2-handed sword
C1040b with sword and axe
C1040c with sword and small dragon
C1040d attacking with sword
C1040e with sword and helmet
C1040f with spiked club and shield
C1040g with sword and shield

C1042a with raised sword
C1042b female bard with harp
C1042c drawing sword
C1042d with harp
C1042e playing lute
C1042f female bard playing lute
C1042g with sword and harp
C1042h with sword and lute

C1043a with sword and war-club
C1043b with 2-handed sword
C1043c with sword and helmet
C1043d with sword and large dagger
C1043e with 2-handed sword and helmet
C1043f with pole-weapon
C1043g with sword and dagger
C1043h with sword and round shield

Carts and Wagons
C1044a cart with 2 corpses
C1044b cart with crates and sacks
C1044c adventurers' cart with wizard
C1044d quack's cart

C1045a adventuress in winter clothing
C1045b adventurer in winter clothing
C1045c oriental adventurer
C1045d slim adventurer with staff
C1045e dwarf in winter clothing
C1045f fat adventurer with sword
C1045g Dandy
C1045h wounded adventurer

Pack Animals
C1046a pack mule
C1046b pack horse
C1046c pack camel

C1047a Succubus
C1047b demon with axe
C1047c taloned demon
C1047d attacking demon
C1047e bat demon
C1047f boar demon
C1047g Swamp Stalker
C1048a swamp demon
C1048b winged demon

C1049a leader with axe and shield
C1049b with pole-weapon
C1049c with axe
C1049d with shield and club
C1049e musician blowing horn
C1049f standard bearer

Mounted Paladins
C1050a with lance
C1050b with sword
C1050c with mace
C1050d giving orders
C1050e with sword and shield
C1050f attacking with lance
C1050g with axe and shield
C1050h with lance and shield
C1050i with raised sword
C1050k with club and shield

Additions provided by Jason Perez
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