Metal Magic

Dunwich Detective

Miniatures for the Call of Cthulhu role playing game.
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2001A Doctor
2001B Adventurer w.Book
2001C Adventurer w.Shotgun
2001D Reporter
2001E Adventurer w.Rifle
2001F Adventurer w. Pistol
2001G Adventurer Jungle Outfit
2001H Adventurer w.Lantern
2001I  Adventurer
2001J Adventurer
2001K Adventurer
2001M Adventurer
2001N Adventurer
2002A Adventuress w. Binocs
2002B Adventuress w. Pistol
2002C Adventuress Short Dress
2002D Adventuress w. Umbrella
2002E Adventuress Book Large Hat
2002F Female Reporter
2002G Adventurer
2002H Adventurer
2002I Adventurer
2002K Adventuer
2003A Detective Thompson Smg
2003B Detective w. Pistol
2003C Puzzled Cop
2003D Policeman w. Pistol
2003E Cop w. Thompson Smg
2004A Ghoul w. Bone
2004B Ghoul
2004C Ghoul Attacking
2004D Sand Dweller w. Club
2004E Sand Dweller
2005A Deep One In Street Wear
2005B Deep One Overcoat
2005C Ddep One w. Trident Atk
2005D Deep One Attacking
2005E Deep One w. Trident Std
2006A Gangster w. Cigar
2006B Gangster w. Tommygun
2006C Gangster w. Violin Case
2006D Gangster w. Revolver
2006E Gangster Loading Revolver
2007A Mi-Go w. Weapon
2007B Mi-Go Attacking
2007C Mi-Go
2008A Servitor Crouching
2008B Servitor Playing Flute
2008C Servitor Risen
2009A Byakhee Advancing
2009B Byakhee w. Raised Claw
2010A Proto Shoggoth Shambling
2010B Proto Shoggoth Attacking
2011A Serpent Man w. Dagger
2011B Serpent Man Priest
2011C Serpent Man w. Pistol
2011D Serpent Man w. Cloak
2011E Serpent Man w. Club
2011F Serpent Man w. Trident
2012A Dimensional Shambler At
2012B Dimensional Shambler Wl
2013A Nightgaunt Standing
2013B Nightgaunt w. Raised Claw
2013C Nightgaunt Attacking
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