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Line Introduced: before 1992 Sculptor: Michael Immig
Line Discontinued: after 1992 Josef Ochmann
The Gauls
C1701a Asterix
C1701b Obelix
C1701c Chief Vitalstatistix
C1701d Impedimenta (chief's wife)
C1701e Getafix (druid)
C1701f  Unhygienix (fish dealer)
C1701g Geriatrix
C1701h Geriatrix' wife
C1701i  Fulliautomatix (smith)
C1701k Cacofonix
C1701l  Bravura
C1706a Obelix carrying menhir
C1707a Chief Vitalstatistix on shield

The Romans
C1702a  Centurion giving orders
C1702b  Fat legate
C1702c  Legionaire in ornate armour
C1702d  Sturdy centurion
C1702e  Legionaire at attention
C1702f   Legionaire with pilum and shield
C1702g  Legionaire with pilum and shield
C1702h  Fat legionaire
C1702i   Thin legionaire at attention
C1702k  Lazy legionaire
C1702l   Caesar
C1702m Female centurion
C1702n  Female legionaire at the ready
C1702o  Female legionaire, hair combed back
C1702p  Ffemale legionaire, advancing

The Pirates
C1703a chief
C1703b with wooden leg
C1703c with axe
C1703d negro
C1703e with axe and eye patch
C1703f  little pirate with sword
C1703g barbarian with axe and plait
C1703h Chinese with scimitar
C1703i  with club and horned helmet
C1703k with sword and helm

The Egyptians
C1704a Cleopatra
C1704b Cleopatra's taster
C1704c Pyradonis
C1704d Numerobis
C1704e negro slave with plate

The Britons
C1705a Anticlimax
C1705b Mykingdomforanos
C1705c McAnix
C1705d Overoptimistix
C1705e Briton with spear and shield
C1705f  rugby player, throwing ball
C1705g rugby player, running with ball
C1705h rugby player, lineman
C1705i  rugby player, catcher
C1705k rugby player, blocker

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