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Lyzard's Grin

Much of this line has be re-released by the London War Room.

CL-001   Maxim Machinegun
CL-002   Maxim-Nordenfeldt 75mm Gun
CL-003   9 pdr R.M.L
CL-004   12 pdr R.B.L. Field Gun
CL-005   Vickers Maxim Machinegun on Small Wheeled Infantry Pulled Carriage
CL-006   Maxim Machinegun on Tripod with Seat
CL-008   12 pdr R.B.L Whithworth
CL-009   Hale's Rocket 1868
CL-010   2 Large Ammo Boxes, 4 Machinegun Boxes, 2 Martini-Henrys
CL-011   Ox Cart with 2 Oxen
CL-012   Ox Wagon
CL-013   Oxen
CL-014   Mule Wagon
CL-015   Standing Camel with Arab Saddle
CL-015a Standing Camel with British Saddle 
CL-016   Kneeling Camel with Arab Saddle
CL-016a Kneeling Camel with British Saddle
CL-017   British Horse Laying on its Side
CL-018   Frontier Light Horse Enlisted Man with Horse
CL-019   Gatling Gun Model 1874 Mounted on Standing Camel
CL-020   Gatling Gun Model 1874 Mounted on Kneeling Camel
CL-021   Gatling Gun Model 1874 (no stand) with Two Camels Carrying Racks of Ammo
CL-022   Assortment of Native Weapons
CL-023   Assortment of Zulu Weapons
CL-026   Dervish Officer and Flag Bearer
CL-027   Bore Volunteer on Horse with Shotgun
CL-028   Dervish (Hademodowah) on Camel 1884
CL-029   Dervish on Horse with Spear and Rifle
CL-032   Officer 21st Lancers (Sudan 1898) with Horse
CL-033   Trooper 21st Lancers (Sudan 1989) with Horse and Lance
CL-034   Trooper 21st Lancers (Sudan 1898) with Horse and Lance
CL-035   Trooper Camel Regement Sudan 1884 with Camel and Rifle
CL-036   Frontier Light Horse Officer with Horse
CL-037   Dervish Officer (Pointed Helmet) on Horse with Sword
CL-040   Supplies
CL-041   Cover for Ox Wagon
CL-042   Assortment of Weapons
CL-043   Light Horse Trooper Dismounted Standing Firing
CL-046   Nordenfelt Machinegun, 3-barrel on Tripod
CL-047   Nordenfelt Machinegun, 3-barrel on Cavalry Carriage
CL-048   Camel Carrying Rack
CL-049   Arab Saddle
CL-050   British Saddle for Camel
CL-051   Ammo Set (4) Large Boxes and (6) Machinegun Boxes
CL-052   Camel without Saddle (standing)
CL-053   Camel without Saddle (kneeling)
CL-054   Camel without Rider
CL-055   British Horse Running with Saddle
CL-057   Gatling Gun on Carriage
CL-058   9pdr R.B.L. Field Gun
CL-060   Dervish Warrior Kneeling Firing Musket
CL-061   Fuzzy Wuzzy Arm Cocked to Throw with Shield on Arm
CL-062   Fuzzy Wuzzy Arm Out to Side with Shield on Arm
CL-063   Enlisted Man Sitting
CL-064   Commissary Officer Sitting
CL-065   Mule Driver Sitting
CL-066   British Enlisted Dead or Wounded (face up)
CL-067   British Enlisted Dead or Wounded (face down)
CL-068   Dervish Dead or Wounded (face up)
CL-069   Dervish Dead or Wounded (face down)
CL-070   Fuzzy Wuzzy Dead or Wounded (face up)
CL-071   Fuzzy Wuzzy Dead or Wounded (face down)
CL-072   Zulu Dead or Wounded (face up)
CL-073   Zulu Dead or Wounded (face down)
CL-075   Maxim-Machinegun on Medium Hand Wheeled Carriage
CL-076   Kneeling Light Horse Dismounted Kneeling Firing
CL-079   Beja Fuzzy Wuzzy, Shield on Arm
CL-083   Hotchkiss Medium Machinegun 1897, on Tripod
CL-084   Colt Browning 1895 Machinegun
CL-085   French 75mm (Puteaux) Field Gun M-1897
CL-086   Chinese Machinegun Crew for CL-088
CL-088   Chinese Wheelbarrow with Gatling Gun
CL-089   Chinese Wheelbarrow
CL-090   Gatling Gun (M-1893 "Bulldog"
CL-091   Gatling Gun (M-1874 cannister)
CL-095   Egyptian Artillery Crew
CL-096   7" Armstrong, 110-pdr Fort Gun on Barbette Carriage
CL-097   British Seamen in Sennet
CL-098   British Seamen in Seamen's Cap, 1879
CL-099   Boer Artillery Crew
CL-100   British Artillery Crew
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