Lord of the Rings

Sculptor: Max Carr
The license dates from the same time as the Bakshi movie, and the miniatures look like the characters from that movie.  
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Figure Sets
1750    The Fellowship
1751    Servants of Sauron (black riders) 
1752    Hobbit Townsfolk 
1754    Hobbit Bounders (sherrif's men)
1756    Barrow Wights 
1759    Gildor and the Wandering Elves
1760    Trolls of Moria
1762    Uruk-Hai Orcs from the Mines of Moria
1768    Elves of Lothlorien
1770    Orcs of the Misty Mountains
1776    King Theoden and Guthlaf Banner-Bearer, 
1778    Hamma & Standard Bearer of Rohan, mtd. 
1781    Rohirrim, mounted
1787    Men of Rohan, guardsmen 
1790    Rohirrim on foot 
1792    Rohirrim casualties
1795    Dunlanding Chieftain, standard, in chariot
1798    Saruman's Dunlendings, primitive weapons
1802    Saruman's Dunlendings, various weapons
1803    Saruman's Uruk-Hai Orcs, mounted
1805    Saruman's Uruk-Hai Orcs, drum wagon
1806    Saruman's Uruk-Hai Orcs, giant war horn
1811    Saruman's Uruk-Hai Orcs, various weapons
1812    Saruman's Half-Orcs, command set
1816    Saruman's Half-Orcs 
1819    Saruman's Orc Guards
1825    Saruman's Uruk Hai Orcs, with ladders
1826    Saruman's Uruk Hai Orcs, casualties
1829    Battlefield Debris (shields and wepons)
1838    Rangers of the North, mounted 
1843    Dwarves of the Iron Hills
1845    Thranduil & Standard, Elves of Mirkwood    
1847    Elves of Northern Mirkwood
1853    Men of the North
Diorama sets
1701    Bilbo's Birthday Party
1703    The Prancing Pony Inn
1704    Attack on Weathertop
1710    Gollum Captured
1714    Saruman Addressing his Armies 
1716    Confrontation of Galdalf and Saruman
Collector Personality Figures (75mm)
1875    Gandalf the Wizard
1876    The Hobbit
1877    Gimli the Dwarf
1878    Legolas the Elf
1879    Boromir, Dunaden of Gondor
1880    Aragorn (Strider)
1881    Gollum
1885    Bilbo Baggins
1886    Galadriel, the Elf Princess
1887    Samwise Gamgee
1888    Frodo Baggins, Ringbearer
Reference Book

1870    Lord of the Rings Painting Guide   

Paint and Play Boxed Sets:
3000    The Mines of Moria
3010    Helm's Deep

List Courtest of Kai Larson
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