Ting-Hao (Kenneth) Huang 黃挺豪

I'm looking for faculty/postdoc positions starting in Fall 2018. Any information is welcome!

I am a PhD candidate at Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU.) My current research focuses on real-time crowdsourcing and conversational agents, under the broader umbrella of fast-paced human-in-the-loop architectures. My PhD advisor is Prof. Jeffrey P. Bigham. I obtained my B.A./B.S. and M.S. at National Taiwan University before joining CMU.

People often know me by the deployment of Chorus, Ignition method, Visual Storytelling dataset, or thousands of photos I took. I am also known as "windx" on the Internet.

I passed my PhD thesis proposal (slides) on January 11th, 2017. I expect to graduate in Spring 2018.


Selected Publications

  • Retainer is fast but costly, posting HIT is cheap but slow. Deployed Chorus uses Ignition to balance them.
    A 10-Month-Long Deployment Study of On-Demand Recruiting for Low-Latency Crowdsourcing
    Ting-Hao K. Huang, Jeffrey P. Bigham.
    In Proceedings of The fifth AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing (HCOMP 2017), 2017, Quebec City, Canada.
  • Chorus was launched to public in May, 2016. The system details are described in our HCOMP 2016 paper.
    "Is there anything else I can help you with?": Challenges in Deploying an On-Demand Crowd-Powered Conversational Agent
    Ting-Hao K. Huang, Walter S. Lasecki, Amos Azaria, Jeffrey P. Bigham.
    In Proceedings of Conference on Human Computation & Crowdsourcing (HCOMP 2016), 2016, Austin, TX, USA.
  • We developed "Guardian" to convert an existent Web APIs to a dialog system by using crowdsourcing.
    Guardian: A Crowd-Powered Spoken Dialog System for Web APIs
    Ting-Hao K. Huang, Walter S Lasecki, Jeffrey P Bigham.
    In Proceedings of Conference on Human Computation & Crowdsourcing (HCOMP 2015), pages 62–71, November, 2015, San Diego, USA.
  • A group of crowd workers can reliably extract target entities on demand from a short dialog in an average of ~8 seconds.
    Real-time On-Demand Crowd-powered Entity Extraction
    Ting-Hao K. Huang, Yun-Nung Chen, Jeffrey P. Bigham.
    In Proceedings of the 5th Edition Of The Collective Intelligence Conference (CI 2017, oral presentation), 2017, New York University, NY, USA.
  • I developed the Visual Storytelling Dataset during my summer internship at Microsoft Research in 2015.
    Visual Storytelling
    Ting-Hao K. Huang*, Francis Ferraro*, Nasrin Mostafazadeh, Ishan Misra, Jacob Devlin, Aishwarya Agrawal, Ross Girshick, Xiaodong He, Pushmeet Kohli, Dhruv Batra, Larry Zitnick, Devi Parikh, Lucy Vanderwende, Michel Galley and Margaret Mitchell. (*: Co-first author.)
    In Proc. NAACL 2016, June, 2016, San Diego, CA, USA.


  • Best Paper Honorable Mention Award (14/281 = 5%), CHI LBW 2016, 2016.
  • Yahoo! Fellowship of the InMind project at CMU, 2014 – Present.
  • Best Poster Award, LTI Student Research Symposium 2013, 2013.