Theory Lunch

TIME:: Wednesday, Dec. 5, noon till 1pm

PLACE:: 7220 Wean Hall

TITLE::  Verifiable Secret Redistribution

SPEAKER::  Ted Wong


We present a new protocol to perform non-interactive verifiable secret
redistribution (VSR) for secrets distributed with Shamir's secret sharing
scheme. We base our VSR protocol on Desmedt and Jajodia's redistribution
protocol for linear secret sharing schemes, which we specialize for
Shamir's scheme. We extend their redistribution protocol with Feldman's
non-interactive verifiable secret sharing scheme to ensure that a
SUBSHARES-VALID condition is true after redistribution. We show that the
SUBSHARES-VALID condition is necessary but not sufficient to guarantee that
the new shareholders have valid shares, and present an additional
SHARES-VALID condition.

This is joint work with Jeannette Wing.

(download the paper)