Theory Lunch

TIME:: Wednesday, Nov. 14, noon till 1pm

PLACE:: 7220 Wean Hall

TITLE::  What is Steganography?

SPEAKER::  Luis von Ahn


In an ideal world we would all be able to openly send encrypted email or
files to each other with no fear of reprisals. However there are often
cases when this is not possible, either because you are working for a
company that does not allow encrypted email or perhaps the local
government does not approve of encrypted communication (a reality in some
parts of the world). This is where steganography can come into play. 

Steganography simply takes one piece of information and hides it within
another. An image of the space shuttle landing might contain a private
letter to a friend. A recording of a short sentence might contain your
company's plans for a secret new product. 

In this talk we will survey what is known and what is not known in
steganography, all from a cs theory persepctive.