Theory Lunch

TIME:: Wednesdays, Sept. 12 & 19, noon till 1pm

PLACE:: 7220 Wean Hall

TITLE::  New Ideas from CRYPTO'01 -- parallel coin-toss and
         key establishment using human-password only.

SPEAKER:: Ke Yang 

ABSTRACT:: I will be talking about some ideas presented in the CRYPTO
2001.  I will present on 2 papers by Lindell and Lindell + Goldreich. 
The first paper gives a very elegant way to do coint toss in parallel,
which in turn gives a constant-round 2-person secure computation
protocol for any function. The second paper discusses 2-person
computation in a very adversarial setting, where the adversary can
control the channel between Alice and Bob, and the only secret Alice
and Bob share is a human-memorizable password (low entropy). The paper
showed a protocol for generating a session key for Alice and Bob and
proved its security. The papers are available online at: