Serhat Kiyak

Yuchen Wu
MS CS 12/2015

Pratch Piyawongwisal

Boyan Li
MS CS 12/2012

Umar Javed

Xinyu Zhuang
Group Communication support for Multi-player Games, MS CS 2007

Benjamin Rister
MS CS 5/2007

Ashwin Bharambe
Scalable and Secure Architectures for Online Multi-player Games, MS CS 12/2006

Yuxiang Liu
Managing and Monitoring Spectrum Usage in a Wireless Network, Senior Thesis 2006

Sameer Moidu
Evaluating Dense, Residential Deployments of 802.11, Senior Thesis 2004

Zachary R Anderson
Choosing Beacon Period for Improved Response Time for Wireless HTTP Clients, Senior Thesis 2004

Arvind Kannan
Scaling Properties of the Internet Graph, Senior Thesis 2003

Hemant Bhanoo
Realistic Traffic Generators for Network Simulation, MS INI 2002

Justin Weisz
Programming Tools for Internet Games, Senior Thesis 2002

Aditya Ganjam
Enabling Kernel processing for Web Proxies and Overlay Multicast, Senior Thesis 2002