Dec 2: Solution to homework 5 are available. A compilation of answers to Q14 on HW5 is available here. Solutions to the hand-ins 17-23 will be posted here by Tuesday evening.

Nov 19: Homework 5 posted. Solutions to Homework 4 are also available. Please download.

Nov 15: Hand-in for 11/19 posted.

Nov 9: Hand-ins posted.

Nov 6: Midterm solutions are available here.

Nov 5: Homework 4, and the hand-in for the next lecture posted. Please download. The hand-ins for most of the subsequent lectures will be posted by Saturday.

Nov 3: No hand-in for Tuesday Nov 5th's lecture.

Oct 27: HW3: Q13's solution has been corrected (thanks to Shuchi Chawla for pointing this out). A detailed solution to Q13 is also available here.

Oct 26: Solution 3 has been posted. Please download.

Oct 24: Solutions to the hand-in questions (lectures 2 - 11) have been posted.

Oct 22: There will be no more reading questions till the mid-term. Also, please check the FAQ page for homework 3 (link on the assignment page).

Oct 15: There will be a guest lecturer (Brad Karp) for the wireless networking lectures. Due to the higher than average reading load, there will be no hand-ins for the wireless networking lectures. Please still read the papers before class ;-)

Oct 2: Prof. Seshan's office hours for Oct 2nd are cancelled due to family reasons. In addition, the due date for project proposal's has been postponed to Oct 15th.

Oct 1: Homework 2 and solution 1, and some of the upcoming hand-in questions have been posted. Please download.

Sept 28: Project ideas are posted here.

Sept 26: Download ns with install script modified for facilitized cs machines from here. The file is about 60 MB, and expands to about 200 MB. gcc 2.95.3 (found at /afs/cs/local/egcs/i386_rh71/per-release/2.95.3/bin/gcc) was used for compilation. To use it, just prepend the dir in which gcc 2.95.3 is, to the PATH environment variable. Download, un-tar, do 'cd ns-allinone-2.1b8a' and run './install'

Sept 19: Homework 1 posted - due on 9/26. Optional ns2 lecture on Monday 9/23, 6pm, Room: Wean 4615A. Homework 0 solution also posted.

Sept 14th: An updated copy of HW 0 has been posted (relevant only to students not having access to the CS network). In addition, tex sources of the homework and reading questions have also been posted. These would be posted in future too. Use these if you want, but please do not submit hand-written answers.

Sept 10th: HW 0 and Reading Questions are posted. Please download!! Reading Questions are due on Sept 12

Aug 1st: If you are waitlisted please attend the first week of classes.