15-446, Spring 2013: Networked Systems Practicum

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This goal of this class is for students to develop the skills to design complex network protocols and applications. Students will work in teams on an innovative project that will involve the hands-on design, implementation and testing of a networked system of their choice. The lecture content will cover background material intended to complement the project work. Note that the exact set of project and lecture topics covered in the class will vary from semester to semester. Examples of possible topics include next-generation Internet protocols, mobile & pervasive computing, wireless networking infrastructure, and networked multimedia. This will be an "advanced" course in the sense that students will be expected to read and discuss recent research results on the topics covered.The remainder of the course will consist of regular team presentations of key project milestones and a final project presentation & demonstration.

This particular instance of this class will focus on two particular topics: Mobile Computing and Networked System Security. Google has kindly donated a collection of Google Nexus phones for use in this class. As a result, we expect many of the projects/assignments to leverage this hardware.

Course Staff


NameEmailOfficeTelOffice Hours
Srini Seshan GHC 8123 268-8734 Just email me for a time

Course Secretary

Angela Miller, , GHC xxx, Tel: 268-6645


Grading will be based on participation, paper presentations, and a semester-long project.

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