15-446, Spring 2009: Distributed Systems

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3/5: Midterm 1.
Solutions are available here
2/22: Assignment 3 out, solutions to 1,2 posted.
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15-446 is an undergraduate course on distributed systems. This particular instance of the class will have a focus on ubiquitous computing and will heavily use the Android phone platform. This course focuses on the design, implementation, and management of distributed systems. It covers fundamental topics such as concurrent programming, coordination, synchronization and election, distributed agreement, replicated data management, checkpointing and recovery, and directory and discovery services. Beyond techniques and algorithms, it exams the design and implementation of real-world and research distributed systems, including file systems, shared memory, databases, and mobile applications.

Course Staff


Srinivasan Seshan WeH 8113 Thursday 1-2pm

Teaching Assistants

NameEmailOfficeOffice Hours
Dongsu Han WeH 8218 Mon 1:30-2:30PM

Course Secretary

Barbara Grandillo, , Wean Hall 8018, Tel: 268-7550

Course Policies


Students are encouraged to talk to each other, to the course staff, or to anyone else about any of the assignments. Assistance must be limited to discussion of the problem and sketching general approaches to a solution. Each student must write out his or her own solutions to the homework.

Late Policy

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