Summer job ideas for kids

Hi there. My sister in junior high asked me whether I had any good ideas for a paying job. I looked on the web to see whether I could borrow someone else's list, but I didn't find one. So I wrote this page, in case other people are looking for job ideas too.

All the ideas in quotes came from people who sent me email. Thank you!

If you have more ideas for ways to earn money over the summer, or if you think I should change something, you can send me email. I will include your name with your idea if you ask me to.

Traditional jobs

Babysitting... sometimes it pays well, sometimes it stinks. "Or a mother's helper. Some mothers like to plan outings and can't always manage with an armful of kids... an extra pair of hands comes in very handy."

Tutoring --- "I think that some parents would love someone to help their kids with math over the summer... or even help a child with reading skills." "Double-bill yourself as The Babysitting Tutor, with a pack of flash cards, books, etc. You could get big bucks from smart parents that want their kids to get a good educational background."

Mowing lawns, or other yard work. "Or farm work if there are farmers near you."

Walking dogs. You have to like dogs, or at least not be afraid of them. If you know pet owners who are going away on vacation, you could also ask if they need a pet sitter.

Lemonade (and cookie) stand. I think this only works well on a street where a lot of hot people (like joggers) go by, and if it is not just powdered stuff. Also, you need supplies, which cost money. I have never tried selling lemonade, but I have been one of the hot people who bought it.

Bake sale --- "Bake and sell homemade goodies to your neighbors. And bring your leftovers to your grandparents!!(smile)"

Coffee stand --- "Get up early and set up a commuter coffee stand (fresh brew and your homemade muffins) by the train, bus station, highway...etc." (check with your parents first.)

"Wash cars."

"Hire yourself out to do odd jobs: watering plants, trimming trees, painting garages....etc."

"House cleaning...(but be prepared to do a good job)." "You could ask some of your elderly or just really busy 20-30 age kinda people if they would pay you to clean their house."

"Grocery shopping for an elderly person." "Running errands for someone who is old."

Parties --- "Become a kids party planner - from invitations, to the balloons to the cakes to the flavors." "Refine your party talents by learning some card tricks" - be a magician or clown.

Garage sale --- "Sell your old toys and video games for a good price to younger kids." Check with your parents first.

High-Tech jobs

Kids know how to use the Internet, the Web, and other computer stuff. There might be old (or not-so-old) people in your neighborhood who would like to learn. So maybe you could offer to teach people some basic computer stuff, for money. A column in "Parade" magazine suggested this; I don't know how well it would work.

Some people get paid to write web pages. I don't know how old you have to be for this. People in high school could do it.

"Be a vid kid. Let all those moms and dads watch their kids' home-runs unhindered while you record it -- for a price."

"Tutor grammar schoolers in typing and computer basics."

Jobs for older people

You may have to be a little older for these jobs.

Lifeguard, camp counselor, swimming instructor. You may need special skills and certifications.

A job in an office, or a mall store. Air-conditioned!

A job at a fast-food place like McDonald's...

More that people had to say about jobs...

"My 15 yr. old worked in a lumber mill this summer, he also worked in a garden nursery in the spring and through the summer. Also worked as a gopher for a local chimney sweep. Fall is an especially busy time of year for Chimney sweeps. Later in the summer he worked in a fish plant (cutting herring row). My daugher has worked kitchen help in a local restaurant for three years, now she waitresses. Hope this helps..."

"I work at 3 daycares and I'm 17, I'm going to work at a big restaurant this summer...I always wanted to work and have money when I was young so when I was 9-11 I put a lot of my stuff on a table at the end of my driveway (mini garage sale). I was happy...I bought a lot of candy(smile)."

"Check out local farmers (if any around) and ask if they have any jobs needed to be done. I have done this and it is easy! You may have to do things from picking corn, fixing things, or odd jobs around the farm. If you are going to work for a long period of time be paid by the hour. Some farmers pay minimum wage or more! If you know nothing about farming that's okay, I could pick it up in a very short time. If that doesn't work stick to simple things."

Send more ideas.

Disclaimer: I am not a kid, but I used to be.

Bridget Spitznagel
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