Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics Institute

VASC Seminar

Time: Monday 3:45-5pm
Place: 3002 Newell and Simon Hall

2000 VASC Seminar Schedule

NSH 411X corridor
Robert Stockton, Rahul Sukthankar, Matthew Mullin
Just Research
Camera Assisted Presentation Systems
Adamson Wing
(Baker 136a)
Joachim Denzler
University of Rochester/Universitt Erlangen-Nrnberg
Combining Computer Graphics and Computer Vision: Visual Self-Localization Using Particle Filters
1/31 Yoshikazu Nakajima
Information Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corp
A Video-based Guidance System for Brain Tumor Biopsy
2/7 Yingli Tian
CMU Robotics Institute
Recognizing Action Units for Facial Expression Analysis
2/17 Jim Rehg
Cambridge Research Lab
Motion Capture from Movies
2/21 Pierre Lamon Fingerprint sequences for mobil robot localization
2/28 Gregoire Terrien Sensor Data Fusion Interface for Remote Machine Teleoperation
3/6 Roygo Kijima
Gifu University, Japan
Virtual Reality Research at Gifu University:
projection head mounted display, harness assembly simulation
3/20 Frank Dellaert
CMU Robotics Institute
Structure from Motion without Correspondence
4/17 Teruko Yata
CMU Robotics Institute
Direction Measurable Ultrasonic Sensing Systems for Mobile Robots
4/24 Yanxi Liu
CMU Robotics Institute
A Computational Model for Repeated Pattern Analysis using Frieze and Wallpaper Groups
5/1 Rajeev Sharma
Penn State Univ., CSE
Understanding Gestures in Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction
Wean 4623
Salvatore Desiano
CMU Robotics Institute
Natural Landmarks for Vision-Based Navigation
5/8 George Stetten
Medial-Guided Fuzzy Segmentation
Peng Chang
CMU Robotics Institute
Omnidirectional Structure From Motion with Application to Omnidirectional Visual Servoing
David Jacobs
NEC Research Institute
Judging Whether Images Come from the Same Object
6/19 Philip McLauchlan
University of Surrey, England
A Batch/Recursive Algorithm for 3D Scene Reconstruction
7/3 Jean-Sebastien Samson
Ecole Polytechnique, France
CMU Robotics Institute
Single View Modeling


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