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Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Program
– Supporting the academic community is a top priority at Yahoo!. The Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Program was created to recognize outstanding graduate-student researchers who will have the greatest potential to make significant contributions and become thought leaders in their research fields. This program reflects Yahoo!'s desire to support research in new scientific areas that will deliver next generation Internet technology to their users

Award Recipients 2012!

  • Blaise Ur, Ph.D., Institute for Software Research (Computation, Organizations & Society)
    – Privacy and Security

Award Recipients 2011!

  • Jason Wiese, Ph.D., Human-Computer Interaction Institute
    – Internet Experience

Award Recipients 2010!

  • Moira Burke, Ph.D., Human-Computer Interaction Institute
    – Microeconomics and Social Systems
  • Nan Li, Ph.D., Computer Science Department
    – Computational Advertising
  • Vijay Vasudevan,, Ph.D., Computer Science Department
    – Green Computing

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Award Recipients 2009

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