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The Dana Scott Distinguished Research Career Award
--This award recognizes individual excellence sustained over many decades in computer science. The recipient's contributions should have had major impact on the evolution of ideas or practices of his or her research community. A significant part of the recipient's research career must have been at Carnegie Mellon.

Although nominations for this award will be solicited each year by the SCS Awards Committee, it will only be given when a suitable candidate is identified. This may be relatively infrequent, because of the career nature of the award. This award differs from the Allen Newell Award for Research Excellence in that, rather than focusing on a particular research achievement, it recognizes the value of pursuing a research agenda over a sustained period of time.


Research is never finished, so keep asking:

Why are we doing this?
Where did it come from?
How can we make it better?

  • John C. Reynolds
    ...Reynold's research ranges over a wide spectrum of fundamental issues in programming language design and implementation and in formal methods for proving properties of programs. His work is distinctive for its penetrating insight, striking originality, compelling beauty, and remarkable prescience. Quite often Reynolds has been far ahead of the field in developing ideas whose importance and relevance is understood only decades later. Reynolds's most significant contributions are to our understanding of types and data abstraction, to the theory of imperative computation, and to the definition and implementation of higher-level languages.

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